Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette Review


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 I gave you all a sneak peak into this palette a little while ago.  Today I wanted to give you MY review of this product.  Lets get started.

I have been behind buying this but Kat Von D makeup has only become available in the UK recently.  For those of you in the UK you can buy her makeup from Debenhams.
Normally retails at £36 but I bought mine on sale for £32.

This ‘Shade and Light’ face contour collection is a game changer for makeup mavericks everywhere. Inspired by an artist’s palette, Kat has created six matte shades that look truly stunning on everyone. The contour and highlight pairs are arranged by undertone, so you get neutral, warm and cool shades. Use the deeper contour shades to add natural shadow and depth to your face, then accentuate your best angles with the brighter highlight shades.
Kat Von D shade and light contour


First of all the packaging.
I was in love with Kat’s own take on her packing.  The main box it was contained in was adorable, when I opened the end inside there were stars just like her tattoo she has on the side of her face.
Inside included a card which I have featured above, the card was double sided, explaining the palette on one side while the other side showed places that the powders can be applied to, I think this is fantastic for those of you who don’t watch YouTube videos or any other tutorials, and just need a little insight.
The main palette itself is quite weighty and sleek.  I like how simple and elegant the front looks, yet it’s bold.
On the inside the sleek design carries on, and the design around the mirror is simple but elegant.  The mirror is very large and is very weighty.  You will need to lean the palette against something if you want it to stand up, just due to the mirror being quite heavy.


Lets get onto the inside of the palette and the shades.
As I have said before this palette is suitable for all skin tones, and is perfect to travel with if your skin tone changes like mine throughout the year because of the weather.
The shades included:

Top highlight shades: Lucid, Lyric and Levitation
Contour shade: Sombre, Shadowplay and Subconscious.

My favourite light shade is Lucid and my favourite Shade for contouring is Shadowplay.

The shades are gorgeous, super blendable.  I tend to always apply way to much contour to the hollow of my cheeks, and struggle to make it look wearable.  With these shades I found they are highly pigmented, so when I applied them the first time I made the same mistake as usual, however I thought I might as well try blending and see if I can make it work, and it was easy.  The contour didn’t need much work and it blended seamlessly creating a lovely natural shadow.  I was impressed from the first try.

I decided to use this palette all week at work to see if anyone would notice, and I was blown away with the amount of reactions I received.  A lot of my colleagues noticed something was different and said I looked slimmer in the face.  Others who know I wear makeup were asking me what I was using to contour.
Fantastic response.

I am definitely recommending this palette to everyone who wants to start out.

I want to buy more from this brand, comment below what you like most by Kat VonD Beauty.




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