Smashbox pore Minimizing primer

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog for another beauty review.
This was requested by a Facebook follower who has recently bought the Smashbox pore minimizing primer but wanted to see how it looked on oily skin, which is also acne prone, and this is where I came in.

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This product retails for £28 on the main Smashbox site however if you click on the photo above, you will be taken to amazon where the product is available for £27.30.

Say goodbye to visible pores! Prime to perfection, plus dramatically blur and reduce the appearance of pores instantly and for up to 8 hours.

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: This non-drying formula also absorbs oil all day for flawlessly smooth, shine-free skin.

JUST THE FACTS: • Visibly reduces & blurs pores—instantly! • Mattifies shine & controls oil for up to 8 hours • Sweat & humidity-resistant
Smashbox description

img_1174This is a picture of my face with no makeup.  My pores are enlarged, my skin is red, and I have a few breakouts due to hormones.  My skin is a combination of oily, especially around the T zone and my cheeks are dry.
I have been looking for a product that can reduce the size of my pores and make my skin a good surface to apply my foundation.

img_1175-1This is what the primer looks like.  It is extremely soft but blends out and dries instantly on my face, leaving no sticky or cream like residue behind.  It makes my face feel very smooth afterwards.  Even though it looks like it has a pigment in it, I can assure you it dries clear.

img_1178Here is a after photo, a minute after application of the pore minimizing primer.  You can still see some pores, however they are dramatically reduced compared to the previous photo.  And after all the product states to minimize, and not completely hide the appearance of pores.  I find this primer somehow helps reduce redness on my face.

img_1181-2This picture shows you before and after the application of the pore minimizer.  I love the results and this was after using a very small amount.  I am super impressed and I am glad I bought this product.  It is worth the money, and will last you ages, because a small amount goes a long way.
I hope the pictures are persuasive enough to make you want to buy this product, I know for sure I am going to be buying more of this primer in the future.

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