Christmas 2016 Haul


Hello all and welcome back to my blog.

First of all I need to explain my absence over the last week or so.  Unfortunately  I have been very unwell and stuck in bed for over a week, and couldn’t get any energy to try and do a decent post for you all so I am sorry.  For updates on when a new post is coming follow my Facebook page – Hannah’s blog page   So far the page has 115 likes, lets keep it growing.  And don’t forget to follow this blog, the follow button is either above or to the right of this post depending on your device.

Now lets get onto the post you have come to see.  I wanted to share with you my Christmas presents.

Twilight Saga box set from my sister.
I already have this set, and had it since 2005 before the film even came out,  however they have become bad damaged since I shared them around over the years.  Now they look so pretty again.  Making my book shelf look gorgeous.  And they are the original covers not the film covers.


Here is my Fitbit charge 2 in purple that my best friend bought me, I feel so blessed to have such a good friend.  We both plan to join the gym this year and get our acts together haha.  This is an amazing tracker, if you want to see more about it comment below, and I will be happy to do that for you.


From Craig’s family they bought us  this awesome knife set for our kitchen.  It is so quirky and really livens up the kitchen, bringing in some personality.  Craig thinks they are amazing quality.


My mum and dad bought me quite a collection of items so I have split them through different photos.  The two note books above: the fox is for me to organise my blog posts better and get this blog more active this year.  And the Owl notebook is for me to use at work for my nursing as I always forget things unless I write them down.


This is the box of goodies that my mum and dad bought me.  Inside there was: Creams, hand washes, candles lot and lots of Yankee candles, bath bombs, face wipes, notebooks, jewellery, a large toy owl, notebooks.


Here are the 3 items of jewellery that was in my goodie box.  one silver owl necklace, owl broach and owl earrings with my birthstone amethyst. Can you tell I love owls.


My friends bought me this Yankee candle, scent is Christmas baking.  It is so yummy to smell.  And I love candles as well as owls haha.


Here is the adorable owl cuddly toy my mum bought me.  You’re never too old for cute toys.  She still see’s me as her baby.


Due to the amount of candles my mum bought me I had to buy a large jar to store them.  I cannot wait to start burning them throughout the year, they all smell so good.
Courtesy of Yankee candle-Amazon.  Follow the link for a sample pack of 25.


My god mother who I see as my second mum had previously bought us a dishwasher for our new place back in November, so as a token present she bought us this lovely Rose plant, which I can hopefully put out in the spring in my new garden.  I also love the vase.

I also had a caramel Latte pack bought for my by my sister in law, which I have already packed away.  In the set I had a large latte glass, stencil for my topping, and the caramel to add to the coffee. I love my Costa caramel latte from my Tassimo machine.

The rest of my family gave myself and Craig money so we can buy what ever we want.

Craig and I bought ourselves a early Christmas present in September, and bought ourselves a 49″ TV from Sony as our old TV was 10 years old and was beginning to give up.

I hope you all liked the insight into my Christmas, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New year.  Tell me what you got in the comments below, and don’t forget you can also talk to me on Twitter and Facebook.
Twitter – Creechhan


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