Confident with makeup-my confidence


Hey all.
I went to see fifty shades darker with my sister last night and wanted to dress up a little.
Now I am really self conscious of my face without makeup.  Some people would embrace their skin without makeup but I struggle.

I have really spot prone skin, and they are never small (stupid hormones).
I get very dark circles under my eyes (due to working weird hours). Under my left eye I think I have a birth mark that came up when I was about 12 but looks like a bruise.
Basically I wear makeup most days even if it is a very small amount.

The pictures above show me more confident with makeup on.  I just wanted to show people that we all have insecurities, and sometimes I know a lot of men and women may put makeup on, and others will say “what is the point in wearing so much”, but have a think! Makeup is a one size fits all, and it can make people feel more confident, more outgoing.  Just like I do.

Embrace your skin, but do what ever makes you feel better.

Makeup is like applying confidence to your face. High quality makeup can make you look and feel amazing! Click the picture to start shopping and finding some products that you will adore!:


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