Book Review: Warrant


Devon Harper knows two things for certain:
1. She lives to dance.
2. She is a prostitute.
At 18 years old, Devon’s mother went missing and she was suddenly forced into a brutal prostitution ring. In a life plagued with a series of let downs, the only thing constant has been dance. But when an unlikely ally, Enzo, enters her screwed-up life, she wonders if there is hope for her yet. Will striving for a degree in dance help Devon escape the throes of prostitution? Or will it cause her to lose more than ever before?
*Caution: The story of Devon Harper is not a pretty one. It contains disturbing situations, graphic violence, sex, strong language, drug use and all types of abuse.

First of all WOW.  When I was told this was a dark erotica, I thought okay I will judge that when I read it.  It has taken me nearly two years to review this book = oops, sorry.

The caution is definitely something to read and take note of.  I read reviews on goodreads of people saying they were unable to finish this book because of how gut turning it was.
Devon is a 21 year old girl trying to finish college dancing, as stated above dancing is her main passion and it helps her completely release when she has had to go and complete one of her “jobs” set up by her pimp.  And she has a attitude on her which she does not hide from any of her “Johns”, or pimp.
She appears normal to everyone, 21, attending school and she even lives in a house share with 3 others.  No one knows what she does in her free time.  
Devon’s mum died when Devon was 18, died is too nice of a word, she was murdered by the same group who recruited Devon to carry on the same work her mum did and become a prostitute.
Her one rule is to never have a relationship outside of “work”.
Lorenzo Baez is the detective who is awe struck  by seeing Devon on her way  to college while he is on duty.  They have an age gap of 12 years, Devon being 21 and Lorenzo “Enzo” being 33.  Even Devon describes him as “tall, dark and handsome”.
His story in the book is he will do anything to protect Devon once he finds out her real truth.  But he is not only risking his life trying to get her back into normality.

Overall this book was quite short, each chapter was very short including chapters from the point of view of the pimp, Enzo, Devon and a few appearances from people you would not expect.

This story was definitely graphic and not for the faint hearted.  I sometimes was reading with my mouth open because of the graphic language, and what was happening to poor Devon in the scenes.  If you think you have read enough erotica stories to not struggle reading this then you are WRONG.  Nothing prepared me for what I read.
I did not think this book would be for me however I was stuck.  I started reading today and read the whole book in a couple hours, I was not able to put it down.  Every scene had something happening, whether it be dramatic, or a plot.  I just needed to know how a poor 21 year old got out of the industry and away from what her pimp put her through.
I would actually give this book 5 stars because to keep a reader interested this much, considering the story line is amazing.  
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