Had my hair coloured again :)


Hello my lovely followers, and newbies.
This week on Tuesday I thought I better get my hair done, a normal wash, cut and colour.  We went for a subtle balayage, and a ash blonde colour. I am hoping to keep lighting my hair up.  I love the whiter tint it gives to the end of my hair, just normal blonde was getting a bit boring.
The last time I got my hair done was January, and since then I have lost a total of a stone in weight and wanted to keep changing up my appearance, I can see a subtle weight loss in my face in the pictures above.


I absolutely love the new shades, and I paid a little extra for the Olaplex to soften and brighten my hair.  Queen B in Plymouth does an amazing job with my hair, I don’t think I can trust anyone else with it now.


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