The Girl On The Train film review.

The Girl on The Train.jpgRachel Watson (Emily Blunt) is an alcoholic who shares an apartment with her friend Cathy (Laura Prepon) and spends her days commuting aimlessly on a train after losing her job. From the train she observes the activities of her former husband, Tom Watson (Justin Theroux), his new wife, Anna Watson (Rebecca Ferguson), and a couple who live nearby, Scott (Luke Evans) and Megan Hipwell (Haley Bennett), whom she sees as the ideal couple.[5]

During her marriage, having failed to become pregnant, Rachel became prone to alcohol-induced blackouts during which she engaged in self-destructive and violent behavior, including an occasion where she caused a scene at the home of her husband’s boss and his wife Martha (Lisa Kudrow), leading to Tom being fired. She continues to watch Tom, Anna, and their newborn daughter Evie, causing both Tom and Anna to warn her off. Unknown to her, Megan has been working as a nanny for Anna, but has suddenly resigned without explanation.[6]

During one train journey, Rachel spots Megan kissing a stranger on her balcony and becomes infuriated by what she perceives as Megan ruining her “perfect” marriage. After a drinking binge, Rachel leaves the train to confront Megan, only to black out and awaken hours later at her apartment, injured.[6] Rachel later learns that Megan is missing, and is questioned by Detective Sergeant Riley (Allison Janney), who suspects Rachel might be involved due to her recent erratic behavior and her presence in the neighborhood on the evening of Megan’s disappearance. Rachel suspects a fellow-passenger (Darren Goldstein) of following her off the train and sees him in flashbacks to that evening but cannot piece her memories together.

Hearing that Scott is asking the public to help him find his wife, Rachel goes to see him, pretending to be a friend of Megan’s, and tells him about Megan’s affair.[5] From a photograph, she identifies Dr Kamal Abdic (Édgar Ramírez), Megan’s psychiatrist, as the man on the balcony. It gradually becomes apparent that Scott is aggressive and controlling, while Megan is prone to dishonesty and sex addiction, fears becoming pregnant, and has frequent therapy sessions with Abdic. In one of her last sessions, she tells him that she had a baby girl when in her teens, whom she accidentally drowned in the bath.

Believing Abdic to be the key to Megan’s disappearance, Rachel schedules an appointment with him, revealing the history of her marriage and alcoholism. Later, at a bar, she recognizes the man who followed her from the train, and confronts him. He claims to have found Rachel lying in a tunnel on his route home; he tried to help her up, but she rejected his help. Rachel returns to the tunnel and recalls seeing Megan shouting at her before she was injured.

Meanwhile, Anna becomes suspicious of Tom after Sgt. Riley suggests that he is encouraging Rachel’s behavior by keeping in touch with her. Anna attempts to hack into Tom’s computer, and in the process she finds a secret phone with several voice messages to another woman Tom is having an affair with.

Megan is found dead and forensics determine she was pregnant, but the child was neither Scott’s nor Abdic’s. Scott confronts Rachel, in the process revealing that he assaulted Megan prior to her death. Rachel sees Martha on the train and apologizes for her previous behavior, but her memory of the occasion does not match Martha’s version; Martha tells her that Tom was fired for having sexual relations with co-workers. Rachel realizes that Tom planted false memories in her head on several occasions following a drinking binge.

I will leave the rest to you to watch.

(Found this  on Wikipedia: The Girl On The Train).

Overall the film was good, but from my point of view after reading the book I feel parts were missed out.  One big thing was I realised that the whole film has been based in America just outside of NewYork, where as the book is based in London England.  When Rachel travels on the train in the film she spends her day in Grand central station all where as in the book she travels to London to a Library to spend her day before going back home to her friend.

The actors were amazing and I felt they recreated the characters from the book remarkably.  There were parts missing in the film that happened in the book, but they managed to twist and change some of the scenes, for example, when Scott and Rachel fight it is meant to happen in his house, he really fights with her and makes her terrified to the point she throws up and gets locked in a spare room.  In the film he travels to Rachel’s house and confronts her there, with a heated argument, the closest he comes to touching her is by covering her mouth and backing her up against the wall.

I don’t feel the film really went into details about Megan’s past life with her baby “Libby”, which she had when she was 17 with her ex boyfriend.

The ending was a little different but overall got the message across about what really happened.  I enjoyed the whole film overall.  However I really do recommend that you all read the book, there is so much more to learn about the characters and the story line in general.


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