Book Review: Black Bullet by L.D.Rose

Black Bullet book 2Fledgling vampire Jonathan Kerr has just met his match.

Not even his past life as a former Marine and FBI agent could prepare him for the battle against the monster inside him, struggling to take hold. After an old nemesis of the Senary surfaces in Brooklyn, unleashing chaos and terror in the battered borough, Jon sets out to take him down. Instead, he ends up with far more than he bargained for when he clashes with the beautiful half-vampire hybrid, Lawan Knight.

After escaping near death and suffering unspeakable horror at the hands of vampires, Lawan trusts no one, regardless of species. In between bouts of drunken stupor, her only goal is to exterminate all those who’ve wronged her, including every member of Jon’s vampire bloodline. But Jon’s soulful eyes and quick smile crawls under her skin, transforming her black and white world into a hazy shade of gray.

As the days rapidly grow darker, Jon and Lawan turn to one another, but their inner demons threaten to tear them apart. The only way either of them will survive is if they overcome their greatest fear–



This book was just as good as the first book Releasing the demons, if not better.  L.D.Rose always left me wanting more, her writing style draws you in and keeps you constantly guessing.  
I was very impressed with the amount of knowledge and accurate facts that L.D.Rose put into these two books, the medical and scientific parts were spot on, which obviously appealed to the nurse side of me.  I feel I have a new series addiction, which always happens to me when I read fantasy books.

The book follows on from Releasing the demons.  Instead of following Blaze and Valerie, this book explores Jon and Lawan’s journey.  Lawan is a new character and was not featured in the first book, so to me she was a complete mystery which compelled me to read on.

Jon is an ex marine, lieutenant  who supposedly died November 3rd 2016 and buried amongst other fallen soldiers.  Jon was bitten before he died by Taylon (his sire from the vampire Temhota gang),  and is now a vampire.   However Jon is not like every other vampire.  he managed to keep a part of his human self, but his sire is constantly running around inside his mind.
Jon is on a daily battle to hunt down Taylon’s brother Regin and kill him, due to what happened to him, on this journey he meets Lawan, a hybrid with a few skills of her own, that keeps Jon on his toes.

Lawan is a strong independent 28 year old woman who has also been marked by the Temhota, living in a church with her cat for company.  Lawan is a hybrid created in the same place Blaze and his friends were, in the Releasing The Demons, however not many female hybrids survived, due to being killed,  so the fact she is still alive after 15 years is intriguing to the other men.
Lawan is a vulnerable woman, suffering with what I would call PTSD.  However she is strong, inquisitive and a hero.  She is definitely not a damsel in distress, and acts more as a role model.

The relationship between Jon and Lawan was interesting.  I enjoyed reading about their skills, relationships, survival and trust.

The whole story kept me wanting more, I am extremely excited to read the third book in the Senary series later this year.
This book will keep any reader engaged.  I found this story thrilling, steamy and highly entertaining.  The erotica was kept very minimal like the last, and the story rather focused on the characters themselves and the issue at hand.

If you love romance, action, fantasy and a little erotica then this is the book for you, I enjoyed getting lost in the world of vampires in New york and the threats facing not only the humans but the hybrids.

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