Marriage Made Me Do It

Marriage Made me do it

An irreverent thriller about one housewife’s descent into madness. So addictive you won’t be able to put it down!

It’s time to break the rules!

My name is Roxy Davenport and I’m part of a dying breed: I’m the perfect housewife.

My whole life, I’ve tried to follow the rules of previous, ‘wiser’ generations. High school sweethearts must marry (check!), the wife must stay home to look after the children (check!), all married couples must procreate and raise 3.2 children (demerit – we only managed one – oops!).

But it turns out all the while, my husband has been playing by his own rules…and playing around.

So screw him! I’ve chucked the handbook out the window. He has no idea what’s coming for him. And my perfect neighbourhood will never be the same again.

 Roxy was a powerful image throughout this entire book.  I was addicted from the first few chapters, exactly what you want in a book.

My first impressions of Roxy is empowering, she had a “typical” married life, husband and teenage daughter, beautiful house, good money.  Until  Roxy finds out her husband Carl has cheated.  One of her husbands “whores” turns up and she is pregnant.

The first chapter explores Roxy’s life, she has just lost her youngest sister Rachel, her mum has Alzheimers.  And now she is evaluating her life and her rule book whilst sitting at her sisters funeral.

I was drawn into Roxy’s life I wanted her to break the mould and prove she is more than just a housewife, like I said before she was an empowering figure.

My favourite chapter in the whole book was her revenge when finding out her husband cheated on her, Dog food meat loaf, legendary.
This was only the beginning.

This book showed the downward spiral of a suburban housewife, perhaps losing her mind, in her new crazy life.
You can never pick family, but some will be there for you others you will lose along the way.

Image result for cheating

The book was so twisted, new events were in every chapter, very fast paced.  
Roxy’s biggest revenge is yet to come, but will she remember?  And are you all ready for how far she will go to get her life back on track.

The best Mystery/Thriller book I have read since The girl on the train and The couple next door.


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