My blog, improvements, connections and general Book Blogger struggles.

Hello everyone.

Haven’t done this in a little while, but as there was no book review for today I thought, oh well.

Lately I have been thinking hard about how I can improve my blog, I have seen many posts about the pressures of book blogs, and the amount of content needed on a weekly basis.  If I am honest, this makes me stress out even more.  I panic on a weekly basis, worrying about, oh no I have only posted twice, or my book review doesn’t seem to be getting the same response as others……..  I need to get these thoughts out of my head because they take the fun out of what my blog was intended for, which was to share my favourite books and my passion for reading.

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I have noticed a huge improvement in my blog stats and followers since using social media more.  I never used to interact with other book bloggers much, and I think this is where I was going wrong.
My best source is Twitter, since following and interacting with other Book Bloggers my followers have increased and I have gained insight into how I can improve my work.  As well as getting suggestions on new and easy blog posts, that are short and attractive.

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Another view I need to get into my big head.  I always compare myself to others and sometimes give up thinking I am not good enough!  Book bloggers are varied, we do not all like the same genre’s and will always have different opinions.
For example I loved Fifty Shades of grey and Twilight, yet looking at reviews years on there are a lot of negative reviews on these books…….. however I enjoyed them and that is what matters. All I can do is share my views with all of you, and if you agree then that’s fantastic.

What I need to learn….. HELP ME!!

I really would like to do some giveaways but need tips:  Do I buy a book myself and just send it on?  Is there sites that can help me with giveaways?   HELP

More structure to my reviews:  Do people prefer short reviews?  do you prefer more in depth reviews?  About the author included?

What more do you all want to read from me?

How to plan and choose the best days for posts:  I notice on WordPress it recommends the best days to post based on views, have any of you found a good day in particular?

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Please leave your suggestions below, we all want to learn and improve our skills, and I hope to gain further insight by sharing my thoughts with all of you.
And PS don’t forget to follow my blog is greatly appreciated.

Love Hannah



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