Book Review: Seeker By Sarai Henderson (Hunter saga) teens & YA

Genre: SciFi & Fantasy.  Teens & YA

Six months ago, Hunter’s life turned upside-down. Seeker is dead, a tragedy that’s left Hunter empty and alone. Talon, an agency of super humans, now looks to her for leadership. When several agents are found dead with mysterious injuries, she has no choice but to track down the killer herself or risk the lives of her teammates and friends. 

Hunter finds herself in Arizona, where things turn deadly, sending her right into the hands of the one person that could take everything from her—her mother.

Forced to do Mother’s bidding, Hunter does the only thing she can … she survives. One grueling day at a time. Will Hunter become the next victim of the killer who has taken so many of her friends’ lives? Will she become the murderous telepath Mother wants her to be? Or will she somehow find a way out of this deadly situation full of so many risks…


I recieved an ARC copy of this book by Netgalley to review.

This is the second book in the series.  First thing is, I have never read the first book and I don’t think I will, this story was easy to follow and I picked up what happened to Hunter/Sasha quickly.  The flashbacks were minimal and did not take up too much of the storyline.  Always a bonus, some books just drag, no time for that.

Shasha is only 17 but throughout the book I liked how she was portrayed as a mature young adult, after all she is a telepath, not  something all teenagers posses, I’m jealous really, if only my life was so exciting.  

She is a leader and a loyal friend, after losing Seeker/Jesse, Hunter is not prepared to lose anyone else, after all they are family.  When two of her friends are harmed and one passes away, she is ready to seek revenge and protect the rest of her kind, from a new serum meant to enhance abilities.

Sasha faces her biggest trial yet, kidnapped by a man called Hawk a “normal” and then taken to the Compound to face her mother Katherine Harper.  Not the loving supportive mother we probably have.  

Katherine wants to use Hunters skills for her own use, to wipe out the rest of the telepaths, and form her own enhanced versions, using the X serum, by making an army.  I did like that Hunters teenage Moody side came out when she was interacting with her mum, after all, what teenager really wants to listen to what their mum has to say, she definitely doesn’t follow the rules.  And I like that ( good on her).

My overall view of this book is that I really enjoyed it.  It is aimed at teens and young adults, so there is very minimal romance ( I miss this in books- probably due to the intimate and relationship development but this is a teenage book) ,there is a little more action, and a lot more friendship.  It is a very good read though if you want something light hearted. 

If you are in your 20’s like me though maybe it isn’t for you, like I said I now read books with more romance, sexual tension and more depth, so this was very light reading for me, but still pleasant.

 I am actually interested in reading the next book, it did finish on a cliffhanger, sort of feel the book didn’t have a lot happening.  Was like a tv series where one particular event is explained but you have to stay tuned to see what happens next.

Always addicted to books that lead into a series.

If you enjoyed this book to please comment below.  And don’t forget to leave a like please.  
Hannah xox


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