September recap

The books I completed in September.  Not a lot of books but I tried to read a book a week and only achieved 3.  I try my best but life/ work gets in the way.  Being an adult sucks sometimes :p.  And sometimes being honest I like to spend some time with  my man and cuddle up to watch Supernatural ( We are so behind so trying to watch our box set to catch up for the new season, gives me an excuse to stare at Jensen Ackles).

Here are the links to my reviews:
Marriage Made Me Do It
Book Review: Running into Love
Book Review: Cast in Angelfire – The Mage craft series.

Marriage made me do it –     I really enjoyed this book, I remember reading it over a couple days in the garden.  I could not put it down.  I got completely lost in a housewives idea of the perfect life, however she wants to break the rules once her so called perfect husband cheats and gets a teenager pregnant.
Such a twisted book.

Running into love –  A beautiful love story, no horrible love triangles or dilema’s.  Just two people falling for each other.  I loved it.

Cast in Angelfire-  A recent finish.  A teen & YA book, not read these in a while.
I liked it, obviously tamer than the books I normally read, but then I should have expected that.  I did enjoy it though, I like getting lost in a fantasy.


2 thoughts on “September recap”

  1. I am thinking of branching into book blogging on my site. Do you think the reviews are well received in the blogosphere? Do you still enjoy it?
    Chill Mom Julia

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    1. Hey.
      It is good, hard to start building up the blog. Twitter is a main source for me, so many bloggers there who are supportive.
      Everyone prefers honest reviews, i have never had anyone argue with me.
      I enjoy it, there can be pressure to review all the time, i am lucky if i can review once a week.

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