TBR Thursday #8


She hates me, but we’re getting married anyway. I have one last night as a bachelor before I’m forced to marry a mob boss’s daughter.

One night of freedom with a raven haired beauty from the bar.

Except the mystery girl is so good in bed, she has me rethinking this arrangement.

Defy my family. Take the heat.

But I can’t. So I have to kick her out of my bed, and try to remove the mark she’s left on my heart.

I have to marry the prissy little mob princess to appease the family. Make my father proud.

And then I meet my new bride for the first time.

But she’s the beauty I just abandoned. The one whose heart I just broke. She won’t even look at me.


This is my second chance to marry the girl of my dreams. This time, it’s not about the family.

It’s about me.

Married to my Enemy is a super steamy mafia romance. It has a HEA and NO Cliffhanger. There are a few bonus books for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!


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