Her Savior: A Billionaire romance NOW LIVE- Small excerpt included.

One night is all we have together, then she’s gone… 
I’ve been thinking of Jenna more than my billion dollar company.
I could feel that she was suffering.
That she needs me to protect her.
Here’s the problem: I don’t know who she is or where to find her?
But one thing I do know.
I need to see her again.
Taste her again.
Love her again.
Save her from the demons that haunt her.
And I always get what I want.
No matter what.

*** This is a full length novel with a happily ever after, no cliffhanger, no cheating, and plenty of steam. Bonus content included. ***

Available for free on kindle unlimited.


It wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t tease you a bit:

“You are amazingly beautiful,” I whispered as my fingers gently touched the side of her cheek. “I’m really glad I met you tonight.”
She looked away almost instantly. In fact, she looked more embarrassed by my words than by being in bed with me in the first place. There was no way this girl didn’t get constantly compliments
like that. She was classically beautiful with big brown eyes and warm chestnut skin. I could have lain their staring at her for hours.
“Thank you,” she managed to say when she finally turned back toward me. “You’re okay looking,” she teased me. “I mean for girls who are into that sort of rugged, handsome look.”
“Oh, you thinking I’m handsome?” I asked as I leaned over next to her and I let my hand
hold my head up and my other hand slide down the length of her body and back up again.
“No, I mean other girls might think you’re handsome,” she continued to toy with me. “I’m not sure I’m into your type of handsome.”
“But not you?”
“You’re alright looking, I guess,” she rolled her eyes.
“Well, I think you are one of
the most stunning creatures I’ve ever seen,” I said as I flipped her over to try and find how this costume of hers was put together. “Now, how do I get you out of this outfit? I’ve been thinking about it since the moment I touched you.”
I’d already searched the front and the back and I couldn’t find buttons, straps, or a zipper to release her from the damn outfit. I wanted to taste her. I needed to feel her skin next to mine. I playfully
rolled her from one side to the next.
“What are you doing?” She laughed.
“Trying to figure out how to get you out of that damn chastity outfit you’ve got going on there. Was that thing designed to make sure no man could ever get it off?”
“Yes, I’m pretty sure that was the main purpose of this outfit,” she laughed as she moved a side piece of fabric and exposed a zipper. She started to unzip it herself, but I
stopped her.


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