Happy new year: Bring on 2018

Hello my lovely followers, and the new ones who have joined.
I have been away for a little while,  the reason being……


Ahh, it was a surprise for us, I found out the end of October as I was feeling so tired, couple weeks later the nausea started, therefor I have been focusing on work, and myself rather than my blog for a while.  I just found myself so exhausted all the time, however as I am writing this I am 14 weeks pregnant, and I am really going to work on this blog this year.  Baby Jones will be coming in June- Hopefully I can spend more time on my blog even with being with baby, but I will be home more.


I am nearly at 400 followers which I am so grateful for, and plan to expand our little group.
I also love the Book Blogger community on Twitter, such a supportive network and full of advice and recommendations.

I have a rather large review list growing, and in 2017 I started to receive paperback books to review, this is exciting for me as they can be displayed on my bookcase (my prize possession).
I want to apologise to those authors, publishers who have asked me to review.  I know I am behind but I promise you if  I replied to your emails I will review those books eventually.

I want to do a mixture of ARCs and my own purchased books.

I won’t make any promises on schedules yet so that I do not let you all down.
I would love to get back to reviewing weekly and at least get 2 posts a week back on this blog.

Any requests for blog posts, book reviews or updates please comment below….

Don’t forget to follow 🙂



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