May Birchbox 2018


Welcome back to my 3rd Birchbox I have received this year.  This box is only worth £10 + postage and packaging.   Truth be told, I was only excited about two products in this months box.  However for £10 I can not really moan.  BARGAIN!!


Check out all these goodies: Shower wash, eyeliner, face wash, matte lip gloss, and activated charcoal deodorant.

Remember all products are sample sized in these boxes…I am about to give you the full retail prices.


Eyeko Skinny Liquid eyeliner – black.


Nuxe aquabella micro exfoliating purifying gel.


Native unearthed activated charcoal natural deodorant balm.


Doucce luscious lip stain.
Definitely going to review this soon, wow.

And finally: Greenfrog Botanical bodywash – Geranium and peppermint.
(Sorry lost my image for this)


Hope you all enjoyed a little tour into my Birchbox.
So far I have only really tried the lip stain, the eyeliner i have swatched and it looks promising.

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