In Between – Book Review

Rachel has always wanted one thing, true love. She has dreamed about her perfect wedding since she was little and it seems she will finally get it with her fiancé Ethan. However when Rachel meets Tom, an elegant, smart conceited lawyer, everything she believes and feels is called into question. This is a captivating story about the power of distance, lack of time spent between couples, and confusion that put Rachel In Between the two men. Caught in the web of the consequences of their decisions, life’s twists and turns, and the effects of karma on each of the characters. This book will make you question the reason why we do things, and will push you to side with characters as you live through their choices. In Between emphasizes the importance of bonds, true love and the power of forgiveness, and how these can turn the worst of situations into valuable life lessons of love and hope.

Print Length: 234 pages
Available – paperback, Kindle, Kindle unlimited.


Hey welcome back to a long time coming book review, oops.  It has been a while and I have been trying to read this book since April (OMG).

I was sent this paperback ARC copy for an honest review by the author.  And honest is what you’re going to get.

The book is based on a love triangle between the main character Rachel and two men in her life Ethan, and Tom.

Rachel has always been with Ethan, he is her first love and they’re engaged.  Rachel starts off feeling her relationship has reached an end, Ethan is constantly away at conferences whilst she is left at home, in a small job and no advance in their future.

Rachel then meets Tom, a new Lawyer.  Sparks ignite and these two hit it off.  Rachel finds herself falling for this new man, they have so much in common, and start spending more time together, slowly over 6 months she begins to fall in love.
However at the same time Ethan suddenly becomes more attentive, proposes to Rachel again and sets a date for their wedding,  now she is stuck, she loves them both.


Overall I began to dislike Rachel, her feelings and actions became too complex.  She had two hard working men love her, Tom knew about Ethan but still pursued her over 6 months, where as poor Ethan was working hard, supporting Rachel through some hard times in her life, and he was none the wiser about what she was doing behind his back.  She was off enjoying weekends away with Tom while Ethan was at conferences.

I found myself getting increasingly frustrated,  I even turned to my other half and told him what was happening in the book and that Rachel needs to choose a man already.  Most women would love to be with either one of these men, and she can’t choose so decides to have them both – NO THAT IS NOT FAIR.
This made it hard to carry on reading because I was getting so annoyed with Rachel, on the other hand my other half pointed out that I must like the story to get so frustrated …… He is right (don’t tell him that though hehe).

Finally Rachel makes a decision at the end, but not before everything goes wrong, and her world is turned upside down.
I did feel the end was very rushed and some parts could have been left out.
Overall the book was a good light read,  I would recommend if you like light hearted romance books.  Unfortunately it didn’t keep me glued to the pages like I would like therefor I would only rate this book a 3/5.



Reviews from others:

I struggled with the story a little on this one, it was hard to connect with Rachel as her logic and motivations just seemed so strange and confusing to me. I honestly didn’t get what she saw in Tom, he just seemed to be somewhat of a jerk in this whole situation. I adored Ethan though, his character just seemed to get better and better.  – (Alicia Stubbs – Amazon)

The plot twists in the narrative are well done and genuinely surprisingly. I never expected the novel to go the way it did, which was refreshing. It wasn’t just a typical love triangle that appears far too frequently in storytelling and I liked how Fernández did something different. – (Louise – Amazon).

Rachel has a fiance and has a wonderful life. She has pretty much everything a woman in a romance novel could ever want, until a new coworker appears and shakes up her world. – (Isaiah – Goodreads).

From the very beginning of this novel, I found myself thinking, is this book actually going to go anywhere? The book’s synopsis seemed to rest heavily on the relationship between the protagonist, her fiancé, and her lover. This is obvious, given the book’s premise, but when I agreed to review it I was kind of hoping that it would be about something a little more profound than just an ordinary, mundane, love triangle. – (Amy Buckle – Goodreads).


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