My Labour/Delivery story

Hello all this is part 1 of 2, the second will include the little journey my son Clayne had once he was born.
I have tried to shorten this post as much as I can because it’s a LONG story but I don’t want to bore you all.

On the 24/06 I was booked in to be induced with my little boy due to his tummy being enlarged ( down to his condition PUV- in the next post part 2).
Not much happened on the Sunday, I was admitted, observations checked, examined, monitored and then the Pessary was placed. I was told I would be checked in 24 hours and that the pessary can last for up to 30 hours.


On the Monday not much happened until the afternoon, I was starting to get some twinges but was told my contractions were not painful and I was no where near regular.
I was again monitored and just advised to use the birthing ball.

Due to the ward being busy I was not checked at 1530 for my 24 hour check, therefor I was next checked at 2100, at this point I was starting to feel regular contractions and they were increasing in pain. When the midwife examined me she said I was only 2cm but was willing to remove the pessary.

After a couple more hours at about midnight my contractions were extremely painful, they kept monitoring me and said my contractions were all over the place and that this could go on for hours before I began having regular contractions.


I was taking Paracetamol and Oramorph at this point for pain relief. By 1 am I couldn’t take the pain anymore, the pain relief was not taking the edge off and I asked to be examined again. The midwife looked at how often my contractions were and said I still wasn’t regular and there was no way that I was far enough along to go to labour ward. After I begged her to check she examined me and said that I was actually 4 cm and ready to go to labour ward……. this was the best news ever.

Once on labour ward around 2 am I was immediately offered gas + air which definitely made me feel drunk ( no other way to explain it). After this bits and pieces are a little foggy and time flew by. At around 10/11 am I was so tired, and the pain was just increasing ( little did I know until I was 10cm that my little boy was turning with every contraction and was then back to back). At this point I opted for the epidural which worked so well for me, I was then able to nap on and off between contractions and get some energy. This did mean that I had to have a catheter inserted due to reduced mobility and strain.

At around 1500 I was examined and told I was 10 cm, Craig and I were so excited and ready to go. My contractions were never regular but the midwife was monitoring and telling me when to push. After 3 contractions and pushing for a total of 30 mins my little boy was not moving and his heart rate was dipping with each contraction.
My midwife called in another nurse who examined me and said that my little boy had turned and that I was going to need help to deliver him.


The doctors were already aware of the complications my little boy could have once born so they were keen to make sure he was not stressed further and decided to take me to theatre. ( Link to complications – My Baby pregnancy update – possible concerns – Posterior Urethral Valve???)
In theatre they explained they would like to do an episiotomy (small cut – I won’t go into details about the after care), use a Kiwi suction cup to turn him which they used twice on him, and then use forceps to guide him out while I pushed. If this didn’t work then it would be an emergency c section.
I was very lucky to have the original plan, which meant I did not need the C section.

Pushing was very odd as I was completely numb from the middle of my abdomen right down to my toes, I didn’t feel I was doing much at all.
It was very scary having about 20 people in the room, 4 of them were just for my baby so they could take him to intensive care.

At 16:51 my baby boy Clayne Joseph Allan Jones was born. My midwife was so lovely, she managed to get Clayne so I could cuddle him before they took him to examine him. If it wasn’t for her we would have never got a cuddle.
The whole birth was emotional for me and Craig but in a happy way, we both instantly fell in love with our little boy.

I will complete a separate post to explain what happened to Clayne once he was born and his first week in this world. All spent in hospital, so please follow and keep an eye out.

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