Daddy’s Rockstar Friends – Book Review


My teenage fantasies want me. All four of them.

If I could just kiss all of them: my fantasy Banshee, America’s top rock band and my daddy’s best friends. Ten years later and right out of business school, I have one week to clean the biggest PR mess a band has ever created. One week or I ruin my father’s firm.

Leather jackets, bare chests, cigarette smoke, the dejavu alone has my throat dry and panties wet. I am a mess! I tremble as Cole, Tobias, Jersey and Rory, stare through me with their steely looks. If intent counts, I’d be naked and spread on the same table where I lay my damage control plan.

And I just can’t say no, when they put me in their hot tub. Wet, steamy, desire oozing from my body, I manage to stand as the rockstars close in, moments from making me the luckiest fan girl alive. They pass me around, and I love each one. Love flows hard, like a waterfall.

It’s so wrong, yet feels so right. They are my teenage fantasy and I am their missing link!

My father would freak out;
can I make this arrangement work?

*** Daddy’s Rockstar Friends is a full length novella with an HEA, no cliffhanger, no cheating, and plenty of steam. Bonus content included after the main story, including a full novel and a novel preview. Grab a copy now! ***


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Daddy's Rockstart friends

Wow, what a fast read for me, this book has 336 pages and I read it in 3 hours split into two sessions…… Not done that since having my son, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The point of view pretty much covers all the characters – Jacine, Tobias, Cole, Jersey and Rory…… With a small chapter at the end from Jacine/Jacy’s dad.

The main plot starts with 3 Rockstars Cole, Jersey and Rory who were previously a band but split off into their own bands with a bitter past. Well these 3 get together and end up getting into a fight which will not only ruin their careers if they are not careful but also threaten Jacy’s dad’s company. Since her dad recently had a heart attack she cannot risk any more stress and flies in to represent her dad and take over the business. Little did she know she would fall for each of her childhood stars, and with the help of her dad’s lawyer Tobias she is beginning to wonder how she will resist all 4 men.

My overall thoughts – I love how the book immediately jumped in, no build up, straight to the point. Each chapter was packed and constantly moved the story on. This is why I read it so fast, for me it’s important to get me from the beginning or I lose interest fast….. that is just me sorry.
Jacy is such a powerful woman, independent and strong. Being raised by a single dad who is a high powered business man will do that to you. I enjoyed how her job comes first, and she won’t let anyone get in the way of her fathers health, even going as far as stopping her dad from worsening his health. The respect the men showed towards her was refreshing, obviously they were attracted to her, that helped.
The story touched briefly on Jacy’s mum and why she left, as well as how she died. I did want to know more so that it helped me understand why both her and her dad are as strict as they are.
There was so much sexual tension throughout this book, until the climactic ending ( *wink wink*).
The ending….. wow I really want to discuss it but it will spoil it, but I did find myself saying “seriously, would that really happen”. I mean don’t get me wrong how many women including myself wouldn’t mind 4 men chasing after you, but normally you pick one…… Well this ending is different, that’s for sure.

This book was a 5 star for me. Engaging, page turner, and erotic. Tick tick tick. You all have to check it out.


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