Taming Frizzy Hair

I have naturally curly hair which has a tendency to frizz more often than not.
It has taken me years to figure out how to tame the frizz, and sometimes my hair will still defeat everything and come out looking like a hay stack.
Every woman with curly hair will tell you it’s not easy….. Yes it may look nice but what you don’t know is:
You can’t brush curly hair once dried, humidity is not our friend, it tangles ALL the time, and no you can’t touch it (your hands will get caught).
One thing I have learnt is curly hair costs, to get that defined curl look.
Below is what is working for me right now, however every person is different so please consider that.

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Taming the frizz

Products used

Garnier ultimate blends coconut oil.
Moroccan oil Repair shampoo, conditioner and texture spray (won this as a giveaway).
Amika Bombshell blow out spray (not full sized, received in June Birchbox)

My steps:
1 – shampoo hair twice.  That’s right twice, first time is to wash out the dirt the second is to actually give your hair some scent and volume.

2 – Conditioner – apply good amount from root to tip,  then brush your hair with the product in to ensure every strand is coated.  Then massage your scalp.  Always leave conditioner on for at least 2 mins and then rinse.

3 – Never ever rub naturally curly hair dry with a towel, this causes more frizz due to the friction.  Gently dab the hair.
I then brush my hair again straight away.

4 – I then apply hair oil from the mid section of my hair to my tips, using a patting/squeeze technique, again reducing friction.

5 – I then apply the Amika texture spray to my damp hair, this helps my curls to perk up and not dry flat.  Do not brush hair again after this step.

6 – Allow hair to air air dry. I know some people like to use a diffuser on the hair dryer but I find with my own hair, I have to let it dry naturally.  Hence why I do my hair the night before.

7 – The following day to add some lift to my bed hair I will then add some texture spray.  Then grabbing my hair from the tips i scrunch my hair up to intensify the curls. And then add some more oil to the tips.

And there you have it my recently found out anti frizz steps.


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