Book Blogger Test – Tag

Hey, I love all these new book blogger tags.  I was having a little look around and came across Hammock of Books, who had done this tag and wanted to give it a go, all for fun….

1. What are your three bookish pet peeves?

  • Books that take FOREVER to get to the main plot.  Nothing worse than reading about 50% and still not reached the point of the story.
  • Female characters that always need rescuing, or fall in love with a man who obviously treats her bad.
  • Cliffhangers where there is no second book…… This happens a lot and I am left hanging, I do not like not knowing what happens next.

Insta2. Name a perfect reading spot.

My spot on the sofa, snuggle up with a blanket curled up.

3. Give three reader confessions.

  • skimming through parts that bore me ( I am not the only one surely).
  • Reading certain chapters I loved in old books I have read.
  • I have dog eared some books in my past, or ruined my book in the rain…. BOOK MURDER I know.

4. When was the last time you cried during a book?

I honestly do not remember.  I remember the first time I cried during a book and that was reading P.S I love you.
PS, I Love You

5. Number of books on your bedside table? 

Ummm does my Kindle count I have 8 books on my kindle waiting to be read….. my bedside table consists of baby stuff recently I used to have 3 physical books on there.

6. Favorite reading snack?

Not really a snack but I will always have a hot chocolate with me.

7. What are three books you’d recommend to anyone?

Angels Blood (1st in the series) by Nalini Singh.
Bared to you (1st in series) by Sylvia Day.
A Bargain in Silver (1st in series) by Josie Jaffrey.

Noticed a theme here…. I love series.

8. Provide a picture of your bookshelves.

If only I had all my books from childhood, and hard copies of the books I have read on my kindle…. I would half half a room full.
On the top shelf on the left there are two rows of books for the house of night series.  This series is still going on, but I gave up.  I found they lost their flare and it went on way too long.  P.S The Kenny Dalglish is Craig’s book not mine.
As I have got older my books involved a lot of romance and fantasy.
There are 4 series of Fantasy, multiple books from Sylvia Day all romance, a few mystery on the bottom shelf.
Can you tell I love owls.  The two picture frames are Craig and I when we were young 😛 and a photo of my scan at 18 weeks when we found out we were having a boy :).

My bookshelf.jpg

9. How much do books mean to you in three words?

My dream world.

10. Biggest reading secret?

Not really a secret  but I prefer Romantic fantasy based books.  My first series like this was Twilight, followed by Nalini Singh’s series Guild Hunter.

I tag…  Anybody that wants to do this for fun 🙂


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