*Blogtober day 20* Favourite Autumn Candles

Hey all, I failed Blogtober I missed yesterday, and I am posting this late today.  Oops but family comes first.
Now a lot of you know I love a good candle.  I wanted to share two candles I have bought for Autumn time.  And some I wish to try.
Yankee candle is my favourite.
The following images all link to candles direct.

These smell amazing.  The Cinnamon stick is an all time favourite this time of the year in our house.

I really fancy trying these three this Autumn.  a large jar is the best…. Going to have to search for a more child friendly spot to put these haha.  After having guests over I am realising how nothing is safe with children.

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12 thoughts on “*Blogtober day 20* Favourite Autumn Candles”

  1. I’m sad that bath and body works didn’t make it to this list! They’re the best candle brand in all the world, way way better than Yankee any day of the week!

    ‪have you checked today’s new blog post out? 💞‬


          1. Really? How strange lol. I’ve lived in London all my life and always bought bath and body works candles. eBay and Amazon have hundreds. You won’t miss them. 1,000 times better than any Yankee candle I’ve ever tried! Bless you, at least now you know they in fact ARE available to buy in the UK from U.K. sellers lol!

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            1. Just looked on amazon wow they are expensive. I live in the south west we don’t really have any shops apart from Clinton’s that sell Yankee candles.


            2. I don’t think they’re expensive. Every single bath and body works candle I have ever purchased and I’ve been purchasing them for 10 years are no more than £20 – I usually get a new one every month. I can personally recommend the sweater weather one for the autumn and the mint pistachio too is gorgeous! I live in Windsor Berkshire and honey, Yankee candles are so old school these days! Get yourself to a home sense or TKmaxx if you’re wanting something cheaper, they have so much variety. I may do a candle post over on my blog because I literally am the candle guru.

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