Clayne’s PUV update.

Hello all,

Welcome back to Clayne’s life. I cannot believe my baby boy is 11 months, makes me so sad that my little baby is growing up, time sure does fly! Currently prepping for his 1st birthday on 26/6, but his party is the 22nd.

Well Clayne has become a handful that’s for sure, he is now walking, crawling and destroying. My sister has even nicknamed him tornado Clayne, he pulls out all my cupboard’s he’s broken cupboard doors off, my boy is destructive that’s for sure, AND he never learns the word NO.

So my son hates his hospital trips, as most children do. Clayne however hates anything restrictive and unfortunately all his appointments require blood tests which he HATES, scans which he HATES, and then being drove around for 2 hours at a time for his appointments. Clayne loves to BE FREE.

In April Clayne had a busy two days, the Wednesday we spent all day at our local hospital for a scan, and the Thursday travelling two hours to Bristol children’s hospital for further scans and a clinic visit with his Urologist.


Local hospital visit for his DMSA scan. We had to arrive at 10 am for his cannula, had bloods taken as well as a urine sample. As far as I know the bloods and urine are okay as I have not received a call about them.
At 11 am Clayne, his dad and I took him to Nuclear medicine for his injection making him RADIOACTIVE (no harm to him). We then had to wait around until 1430 in order to do the scan.

The scan involved him staying very still for 30 mins in total, 10 on his right, 10 on his back, and then finally 10 mins on his left. Like I said previous Clayne absolutely hates being restricted.
In the process we had many tantrums, he threw my phone and broke it, as well as throwing all the toys in the room around. But all went well, and results were sent through to Bristol for the clinic appointment the following day.


We had one more scan at Bristol this was a general ultrasound which showed both of Clayne’s kidneys have reduced in size, and that everything was going the right way.

When we saw Clayne’s Urologist Mr Shalaby, he explained the results of the DMSA-
Both kidneys should work 50% each, Clayne’s results were his left was working 42% whilst his right compensated by doing 58% of the work. This is actually fantastic news, with everything that has happened the surgeon was so impressed with Clayne’s development, and the development of both kidneys.

We have now been advised to stop his antibiotics, and we only need to catheterise once a day until Clayne can have his Urodynamics test in July.

I couldn’t be any prouder of my little boy and his progression. He is defying all odds and beating the effects of PUV.

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