Email:  Hannahbunzbeauty@outlook.com

I am available for any promotions/marketing.  As well as collaborating with other Book Bloggers.
My dream would be to make this my full time job, so if you want me….. I wouldn’t say no,  books are my passion, they have been since I can remember, I would always lock myself away with a good book and get lost between the pages.

On Hannah’s Beautiful Fantasy feel free to comment, suggest, and join the community.  I love all the feedback I receive and look forward to making this blog a success.

A bit about me:
I am a full time nurse, so working shift hours, and a new mum to be in June 2018.
I have 3 pretty fur babies (cats), and engaged to my childhood sweetheart.

Review Policy

I am currently accepting electronic and paper book copies for review at my own discretion. If you wish to contact me about a review, please use my email Hannahbunzbeauty@outlook.com . Please keep in mind:

-I will only respond to offers I am interested in- I have a large review list so will not be able to fit all requests in.

– The genres I will generally read are:  Romance, chick lit, thriller/crime, fantasy and paranormal , however, if a book interests me I will consider it regardless of its genre.

– I will review the book as soon as possible, or if you request, I will review it around the time of its release date- if unable to meet your deadline but happy for me to review still,  I will reply back to your email if interested.

– I will post my reviews on my blog, with a link on twitter, goodreads, Amazon.   I am now currently using Netgalley.

Professional Reader


8 thoughts on “About”

      1. They’re futuristic fairytale retellings! A cyborg Cinderella, a Rapunzel whose tower is a satellite … four strong heroines, whose POVs add up with every book. They have completely taken over my consciousness.

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