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Introducing The Catheters Used For Our 4 Month Old.

So myself and another family have come together to raise awareness for Posterior Urethral Valve.  We have set up a Facebook Page  , not just for UK parents but for everyone in the UK wanting to educate themselves.
This condition is pretty rare, and before our son was diagnosed with it, myself and Craig had never heard of it.
I would like to set up some new posts about different treatments for our son Clayne.  Tips and tricks we have learnt, and more.

Today I wanted to share the two catheter options that were given to us when Clayne was 2 months old.  The selection is small.  In fact there is only two brands, which I am going to introduce you all to today.

Both caths

I have put the photos on a red background as with a white one it was difficult to show the clear catheter.
Here we have the two offered to us.  Obviously as Clayne gets older they will increase in width, and the selection will increase.
The two given to use to try were:
1. SpeediCath standard (Top green packaging).
2. WyCath H20 (Bottom clear packaging).

Each catheter is an intermittent catheter, therefor there is no balloon on the end to keep it in the bladder.  The idea of these are to insert them into Clayne’s bladder via his penis to drain off residual urine and then remove straight after.  Literally a 3 min process at most.  And the whole catheter does not go in, about 5 cm stays out.  We only insert enough until we see urine coming out the end of the green port.

Spedi cath

Lets discuss first, SpeediCath.
This catheter comes ready lubricated, this is specifically for boys.  In case you didn’t know Male and female catheters are different lengths, due to the urethra’s being different lengths.
This catheter has a urea based coated lubricant.  Reports from older children were that the coating stings a bit.  This made us a little hesitant.  Our little boy is already going to go through a lot he doesn’t need to feel stung every time we use it.
Anyway we tried this at home, we did found that Clayne did cry a little with this catheter.  We also found the lubricant dried out fast and we struggled to insert the catheter as it at first is too slippery to guide in with our hands.
Not our favourite.  Therefor we no longer use this one.

wy cath

Our favourite catheter we currently use is the WyCath water based lubricant catheter.
Clayne tolerates this one so much better.  Everything is in one.
My favourite part was that the packaging came apart and left a handle to guide the catheter in.
I am a nurse and I am very hygiene conscious and want to reduce urine infections as much as possible.  In a hospital setting this whole process on a patient is Sterile, so to completely go against that felt so unnatural to me.
We were told we do not need to use gloves as the catheterisation will take place in our home and Clayne would be used to the “BUGS” in our home.  Nooooo,  I still do not like the idea of not using gloves and touching the catheter (we do wash our hands every time before and after).
So to have the handle which is clean on the inside, makes me feel more comfortable.


Here is the packet completely separated.
Far left silver packet is the water lubricant.  All we do is pop the packet by pressing hard on the blue plastic button whilst the packet is unopened.  This then pours the water straight into the far right packet which has the catheter inside.
The middle section is the handle, which rips away.
And of course we have the catheter at the top.

Water based

At the top you can see the handle with the catheter inside.  We use this to guide the catheter.  This reduces the amount of hand contact to a bare minimum.  The tearing it away from the rest of the packet is the hardest, as you can see it is not a clean rip, but works anyway.
And again  the bottom packet would be filled with the lubricant to re dip if needed.
The white spot on the bottom packet is a sticker to make everything a little easier for us if out and about.

Craig and I plan to post about catheter insertion in the future, as our teaching was vague.  Plus with a 2 month old, it becomes very tricky.  Especially when they kick about and try to grab your hand. If there is anything else you would like to know then please comment below.  Or message us on our new page.

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? Bringing back makeup reviews ? Baby updates?

September 2017

Hello all,

This post is a little different.  I love reviewing books for you all, however I have to admit I struggle to keep up with a book a week to review.  I just feel I am not giving to you what you have all subscribed for.

I want to continue to review, promote, share books with you all as this is a passion of mine.  But to include more content I was wondering if you would prefer for me to bring back some makeup reviews.

The makeup reviews will just be my impression, no tutorials as I am no way a makeup Guru ( I can’t draw on brows or do eyeliner haha).

I have also wondered if I bring in a new weekly post dedicated to my pregnancy.  I am now 24 weeks pregnant, will be 25 on Friday.  Again not sure how many of you would be interested.


Please leave a comment below with what you think.  And leave suggestions. 🙂

I want to thank you all for subscribing and continuing to follow me, I really appreciate you all – love you.


Happy new year: Bring on 2018

Hello my lovely followers, and the new ones who have joined.
I have been away for a little while,  the reason being……


Ahh, it was a surprise for us, I found out the end of October as I was feeling so tired, couple weeks later the nausea started, therefor I have been focusing on work, and myself rather than my blog for a while.  I just found myself so exhausted all the time, however as I am writing this I am 14 weeks pregnant, and I am really going to work on this blog this year.  Baby Jones will be coming in June- Hopefully I can spend more time on my blog even with being with baby, but I will be home more.


I am nearly at 400 followers which I am so grateful for, and plan to expand our little group.
I also love the Book Blogger community on Twitter, such a supportive network and full of advice and recommendations.

I have a rather large review list growing, and in 2017 I started to receive paperback books to review, this is exciting for me as they can be displayed on my bookcase (my prize possession).
I want to apologise to those authors, publishers who have asked me to review.  I know I am behind but I promise you if  I replied to your emails I will review those books eventually.

I want to do a mixture of ARCs and my own purchased books.

I won’t make any promises on schedules yet so that I do not let you all down.
I would love to get back to reviewing weekly and at least get 2 posts a week back on this blog.

Any requests for blog posts, book reviews or updates please comment below….

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Where have I been, Book tube and Current read.

Front garden.jpgHello my lovely beauty and book followers.  AGAIN I have been gone for over a week.  Sometimes life just gets in the way.

As many of you know that follow me I am a full time nurse, and that includes a variety of shifts as my job is 24/7.  This is not the first time I have posted about this.
This week I have been on 4 night shifts which were busier than I planned, therefore I did miss breaks so I was not able to read in free time to get a review up and ready for you today.
Thursdays night shift was BAD, oh my goodness, by Friday morning I was so tired, exhausted I just wanted my bed.   Since then I have not been able to switch my body clock back as I do have another night shift tomorrow…. Boo, then back onto 3 days.
But I can assure you I am going to be reading this week.

Good reads cover

I plan to finish this book this week, I am half way through and it is very good.  I am definitely going to get back into reviewing, I was doing so well for a month haha.  Ooops.

Here is the link to me introducing the book to you:  New Read: In His Corner

I brought up in a previous post that I was thinking of starting Book tube as a new way to share my love for books.  As well as sharing my love for makeup like I do on this blog.  

I have set up a new channel, and uploaded 3 videos that I did about 3 years ago before my life became hectic, but I am serious and ready to start it very soon.
Please check them out and advise me, if you’re a book tuber please comment below and help me out, it is really appreciated.  Link below

Hannah’s beautiful fantasy Youtube

Thankyou, all of you so much and for helping me reach over 320 followers so far.  I want to make all of you proud.

Book Review: Their confession

Their Confession Cover[324]

Gabriella Woods eventually wants it all—love, passion, marriage, a family. With the sale of the club, she feels closer to Darion Milano, and believes his dark sexual desires are behind him. A reunion at The Black Door to celebrate the opening awakens the past. Gabi and Darion remember where and how they fell in love. Gabi is pleased to see Darion in touch with his old friends, in particular Gina. Until their confession changes everything. The news shatters Gabi’s world. Can she and Darion get through it? Will the link to his past sway him from a life he now leads, to a life he once led?

I Loved this book.  I didn’t read the first two books in the trilogy but I don’t feel you will need to either, however it may help you to understand the characters further.

The first chapter was very good and captivating, really draws the reader into the book.  S.Valentine throws the reader 2 months ahead into the life of Darion Milano and Gabriella Woods where Darion has given up the Black door, and is attending the re opening under new management with Gabriella.
However the reunion with all the staff does not go as planned, an old friend of Darion’s, Gina, breaks down in tears and asks Darion if he has told Gabi their secret ( Their confession).  The chapter ends with Darion turning to Gabi and he said “I’m sorry”……… What is he sorry for?
And then the second chapter takes you back 2 months before the BIG secret.  I just loved that the plot was at the beginning of the book, because it made me as a reader want to read on to find out the big secret.  This book was filled with so much sexual tension, romance and erotica.

SV TEASER16[327].png

Darion Milano

He is the typical sexy man, has his own wealth, and enjoyed the sexual fantasies he could live while owning and working in The Black Door, however he decides to leave that behind to be with Gabi.  However there is nothing easy about their relationship.  He has a BIG secret ( His Confession) that he has not told Gabi, will it break them up.
I enjoyed getting to understand Darion more, however his character uses sex a lot to disguise his true feelings, whilst battling with commitment issues.  I enjoyed reading about Darion, and how he started to grow up and become a man.  He really does have a romantic heart hidden under his sexually dark personality.

SV TEASER14[326].png

Gabriella Woods

Poor Gabi,  I could relate to her throughout the book.  She is a lover of books, and works for a publishing company.  All she dreams about is the “perfect” romantic relationship, based upon her well loved book genres.  Of course nothing is perfect in a real life relationship compared to fiction.  After all a fictional character does not always come with “Baggage” like Darion.  But then how can she deny a man who makes her weak at the knees by just smiling at her.
Gabi presents herself in designer shoes, perfect hair and makeup, whilst struggling to keep a man she loves dearly in a so called “normal” relationship.  However nothing is boring in the bedroom when it comes to these two characters.  After all, all Gabi wants to do is to get married and have children with this gorgeous man she has fallen so deeply in love with.
TC Covers graphic[329].png



I give this book a solid 5 stars, I was hooked from the very beginning.  The author has thought this book out so well.  I applaud S.Valentine, makes me wish I knew about the series sooner.  You will all love it I promise.
I want to thank Lifestyle and Literature for sharing this book to me.

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Benefit brow before and after


Hello my lovelies it has been a while since I have posted something beauty related, today I bring you Benefit Gimme Brow and Ka-Brow. my before and after:


Ka-Brow!- £20
Brush on rich, buildable colour! This all-in-one eyebrow cream-gel easily fills, sculpts and defines brows. Plus the built-in hard-angled brush magically converts to a full-size brush for precise control & effortless application! Includes signature Tips & Tricks!

  • builds from natural-looking to dramatic
  • cream-gel colour
  • 24 hour waterproof wear


Gimme Brow- £20

Our cult-favorite gimme brow tinted eyebrow gel contains tiny microfibers that adhere to skin & hairs, creating natural-looking fullness and definition. The custom, tiny tapered brush blends easily while the precision tip shapes hairs into place. Now available in 3 shades, including a NEW MEDIUM SHADE, so every gal can brush on fuller-looking brows. Includes signature Tips & Tricks.

  • volumises, tames & tints
  • water-resistant & long-wearing
  • 94% said brows looked visibly thicker

Here are my before and after steps:


This is my eye brow before any products.  The first product I apply is Ka-Brow, I find it can be a little dry so it takes a while to layer up the brush.





My brow after using Ka-Brow,  I am gradually learning to improve the outline but like I said, this product is a little dry so I may need to source an oil or pop a little water into the pot to make application easier.



I then applied the Benefit Gimme brow which is like a mascara wand with fibres, filling in any sparse spaces, and setting the brow.  Sometimes I use this on it’s on in the mornings if I want a fuller natural brow.





Current Read: The Heart of Hydra

33788057Nick is a lonely introvert with a deep, dark secret. His jock physique, curly locks, and steely blue eyes only cover so much of the hideous truth that he keeps hidden from everyone around him. His seemingly normal outward appearance provides him the ability to blend in effortlessly with the rest of the beautiful people of South Harbor, a bustling seaside metropolis where warm sand and water border cold concrete and steel.

He meets Harper: an overly sarcastic, emotionally damaged girl who has moved to the city after the tragic loss of her mentally fragile boyfriend. They soon embark on a weird and wonderful journey of self-discovery, odd social norms, and love. The deep inner truths and boundless soul attraction that they soon share for one another becomes a constant struggle of not only the heart, but of the flesh as well.

First of all do not let the cover put you off,  I will admit I did not feel comfortable at first, however as a Book Blogger I should know “Never judge a book by it’s cover”.  I am actually enjoying this book at the moment, and look forward to reading it.  

Here is the second cover available: