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Goodreads My Year In Books

Haven’t been able to share this until I learnt how to print screen (face palm). Useless with technology, anyway this is my year in books from what Goodreads have made…… I apologise if the pictures are small but this is the best I could do.

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My 2 Least Favourite + Favourite books of 2018

Hey all, as 2018 comes to an end I have reviewed 16 books so far this year, with hopes to reach 20.  Been a hard year, with work and then giving birth to my little boy, therefor reading was put on a shelf for later.  I wanted to have a look back at the books I have read and share my top two favourites and the two worst.  Remember this is out of the ones I have read only this year….This is extremely hard for me to choose as most of the books were amazing.

Top two favourite books: 

There were so many books I loved this year it made it so hard to choose.  I have picked Archangel’s Prophecy as it’s a series I have been reading for years, this book was released in November.  Rated 5/5 stars.
The second book was by a new author and her first series – Solis Invicti by Josie Jaffrey.  I have been talking about her a lot this year, and have read the whole series in one week.  Rated 5/5 stars.

My two least favourite books of 2018:

I only got halfway through Close to home before I gave in and stopped reading.  I just couldn’t get into it.  Rated 2/5 stars
Let you go –  I managed to finish but I just found it replayed the same thing every couple chapters, and became boring.  Therefor only getting 3/5 stars.

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April Birchbox 2018- Cath Kidston special edition

Hello everyone, welcome back to my new Birchbox series.  This is my second one I have purchased, April Cath Kidston special edition.
Postage about £2
Box only £10

Quote of this month:
“Brighten up your day”


Here is a sneak peak before we dive into all these products…… Remember they are only sample sized.  Fantastic if you do not know if you want to spend your money or not.  This box is catered to my personal profile for my likes, skin and shade.


Main free product for the special edition is the Cath Kidston hand cream.  Retails for £2.50 and this is the full sized product.  It smells amazing.  Going to use this in my baby changing bag.


Percy & Reed Perfectly perfecting wonder balm, for the hair.  This is only 30ml.  The full sized 70ml product retails for £18.


Okay when I say sample size, this is tiny,  it is very dinky.  However it is beautiful.
This is the MODEL co Baked highlighter in Moonshine.
Retails for £24
There was a choice of 2 this month, I prefer a darker highlight so I do not look washed out.


Beautaniq Brow gel, Fill and tame.
This came in 3 shades, blonde, brunette or black.  I chose Brunette.
I think this is the full sized product which retails for £8.60.


Last of all there are 2 AfterSpa Makeup remover gloves.
These are very small.  The full sized product retails for £8.95.


So there is my April Birchbox.  I do plan to review a few of these products, as well as some of the products from the March Birchbox – first time buying.

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Happy new year: Bring on 2018

Hello my lovely followers, and the new ones who have joined.
I have been away for a little while,  the reason being……


Ahh, it was a surprise for us, I found out the end of October as I was feeling so tired, couple weeks later the nausea started, therefor I have been focusing on work, and myself rather than my blog for a while.  I just found myself so exhausted all the time, however as I am writing this I am 14 weeks pregnant, and I am really going to work on this blog this year.  Baby Jones will be coming in June- Hopefully I can spend more time on my blog even with being with baby, but I will be home more.


I am nearly at 400 followers which I am so grateful for, and plan to expand our little group.
I also love the Book Blogger community on Twitter, such a supportive network and full of advice and recommendations.

I have a rather large review list growing, and in 2017 I started to receive paperback books to review, this is exciting for me as they can be displayed on my bookcase (my prize possession).
I want to apologise to those authors, publishers who have asked me to review.  I know I am behind but I promise you if  I replied to your emails I will review those books eventually.

I want to do a mixture of ARCs and my own purchased books.

I won’t make any promises on schedules yet so that I do not let you all down.
I would love to get back to reviewing weekly and at least get 2 posts a week back on this blog.

Any requests for blog posts, book reviews or updates please comment below….

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