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Authors losing money from publisher EC

Now if you have followed my blog for a while you know I have read Paige Thomas’s books when they were new out and reviewed them in 2013/2014.  Even though her books became insanely popular and was reaching the charts, she wasn’t receiving the profits from her hard work.  

Please read her story, which has meant her stories have been put on hold for 2 years, due to this publishing company taking everything.

A Word of Warning…and a Few F Bombs!Geez, where do I start? It’s been a year since I’ve written on this blog. And it’s been about two years since I last marketed my books, anywhere. Some of you are aware of the reason why I’ve been relatively quiet, but for those who aren’t, I’ll try to keep the details short. Firstly, […]


The Reading Slump to End All Reading Slumps

Helllllo readers, today’s post is a little different because I’m not doing a book tag but instead I wanted to talk about my most recent reading-slump. Before I get into it I just wanted to make a note that despite the slump I’ve still being reading and reviewing as you will have probably seen – […]