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L’Oreal skin perfection primer vs Maybelline baby skin primer

ImageHello my lovelies,
Today I bring you my comparison between two primers, duh duh duuuhh….
The two I have chosen are both drug store brands.
They are:
– Maybelline New york Baby skin, instant pore eraser.
– L’Oreal Paris, Skin Perfection.

Maybelline New york- Baby skin, Instant pore eraser.

My first thoughts on this product is that I like the packaging it looks really cute, and bold which is good to catch the eye. I was a bit skeptical of this primer as a few people said it was a dupe for Porefessional but then these claims were being disproved, however I needed a primer and thought I would give it a go.

The primer does make my skin feel smooth, and it does have a silicone texture to it.  When I first tried this primer it went on my skin smoothly and filled my pores, however it does feel greasy and it did not stop my skin from becoming shiny through the day.  I would suggest this as a primer for people who have dryer skin and just need the skin softer for makeup.

L’Oreal Paris, Skin Perfection.

I was originally looking for the miracle blur primer which I have seen used by makeup Guru’s on Youtube however I cannot seem to get it in England and cannot find it on Amazon either, so when I saw this in Wilkinson I thought I would give it a go as it claimed to do exactly the same thing.

The packaging is not as nice as it could be especially coming for L’Oreal, however the pink does catch your eye.  I was dissapointed at first when I saw how small the tube was when I took it out of the box at home, after all I paid £8 and was expecting a bigger tube for a drug store brand.

However this primer works really well and I do not know why I stopped using it.
It has a very thick consistency so it is a little hard to apply to the face however, this primer smooths the skin makes imperfections look reduced, and my pores are instantly invisible (BONUS).  And the best thing about this primer is that my skin stayed matte for about 6 hours, and that was really good considering I was working on placement as a student nurse which is hard work.

In conclusion, I would recommend the Baby skin to those of you on a smaller budget who have dry skin as it would be perfect for you and it does make your skin feel like a baby 🙂
However the primer that stands out to me would have to be the L’Oreal Skin perfection as it did everything I needed it to do, and like I said before the only downside was that this primer was a little more expensive than the Baby skin and a lot smaller.

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Boots Beauty Haul: Maybelline.

Media preview

20140409_151536      20140409_151735       

Big Eyes Mascara:
This mascara is amazing it has a larger spiral brush at one end for your upper lashes and then a thin brush at the other end for the small lower lashes.  I have an image on Instagram of how my lashes appeared after one go.

The Baby Skin, instant pore eraser was amazing I noticed that my pores were immediately reduced and my skin stays matte for hours. Some say this is a dupe to Porefessional however I cannot afford Benefit at the moment. So if you are the same as me I would definitely recommend this primer over the L’oreal primer I wrote a post on a while back.

20140409_151909         20140409_151951
The Baby Lips balms OMG I am in love with these.
I saw that these are a huge hit with everyone that I have seen, and there are so many blog posts on these.
The colours I have are cherry me and Pink punch.
In the first use there is a small colour pay off which is lovely and subtle, but my lips feel so moisturized I cannot wait to buy more.

20140409_152028          20140409_152036
This is the Maybelline Expression Kajal eyeliner which I love the colour pay off is worth the money and I find it such a smooth pencil to work across my eyes.  In the past I have found some eyeliners that are hard to use on the eyes to get colour but this was so easy.

Umm the photo is upside down :p I have no idea why.

20140409_152103         20140409_152112

This is the Maybelline fit me Foundation anti shine stick which I was very apprehensive about buying but I am so glad that I did now.
I got this in the lightest shade which I believe was Ivory, unfortunately they only had 3 shades which were light otherwise I would have bought a dark one for contouring, it is that good.
This is definitely anti shine and perfect for covering small imperfections.

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