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Real techniques base complexion sponge.


Hello all, today I wanted to review a makeup applicator rather than a makeup product.  In the past I have used a beauty blender which retails at £16 each on Amazon or Ebay.
I bought these Real techniques Base complexion sponges for £6.90.  An individual sponge costs £4.79, that is a huge saving compared to the Beauty Blender.img_0837

The sponge has a flat edge which I have found perfect for applying powders and contouring.
The rounded side I used for both my concealer and foundation, when the sponge is wet I found it helped blend everything seamlessly.

This sponge is well worth the money, if you love the beauty blender then you’re going to love the Real Techniques Base Sponge.
The sponge is quite stiff and dense if you use it dry, however once you use it more often and get it wet, it does  soften.

Below are other reviews:

“Great foundation blender, very good value for money. The quality is that good that I’ve got my granddaughter a pk. To be honest I like all the real techniques brushes I’ve purchased, so I should have known this would be great. There is tutorial on YouTube, but basically you need to soak in water, squeez all water out, it expands to about twice it’s size, the pointy end for localised blending (by patting) on blemishes, the flat end is great for under eye… the ’round body’ for putting on foundation – which ever part you use, best to pick up a bit of foundation up with the blender and lightly bounce (sort of pat) the blender all over to blend, I have found that it’s best to apply concealer to the area of the face then blend – but that’s just me… there will be other ways. To clean, just use makeup brush cleanser and cool running water doesn’t take long and the blender lasts a long time”.

– Amazon.

“I use these sponges daily to apply liquid foundation and powder, they’re really good quality compared to similar products and I find that they help me apply make up smoothly. I think they’re more hygienic than brushes as well as they’re very easy to clean. In one pack I bought, one of the sponges had been squashed so looked to be the wrong shape but it returned to normal after being left out for a day or so, they also hold up well to regular cleaning”.