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*Blogtober day 7*My Makeup Revolution Haul – Includes The New Petra Palette

Hello lovelies.
Now I have seen Revolution Makeup EVERYWHERE, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.  I am always looking for good makeup that doesn’t cost the earth, and heard fantastic reviews of this brand and thought why not give it a go.
I haven’t done any first impressions yet.  May have had a few quick swatches but will need to test these over time.  But from what I can see I am pleasantly surprised.
Because I spent over £30 I received a mystery goodie bag for free, which I will show you below.


My main purchases included –

Revolution Lace baking powder – £5

Revolution conceal and define Concealer in shade C4 (Need a shade lighter next time as this matches my skin tone) – £4

Revolution pro lipstick collection in Nude – pack of 5 – £7

Revolution Conceal and Define Full Coverage Foundation, shade F4 (my perfect shade, descriptions are so accurate) – £9

Revolution X Petra eye shadow Palette – £12

Bringing the makeup to a grand total of £37 

I really really wanted to try this palette designed by Petra, as well as the new foundation.  What attracted me to this palette over the others was the mixture of matte neutral shades, with the pop of colour.  Not all the shades are matte some have shimmer but just the right amount.  For £12 that is a bargain.  From a few swatches I have done, they are highly pigmented and very creamy.

Now for the mystery bag

free closedfree
I received –

  • The revolution colour correcting palette.
  • Contour and light palette.
  • Contour shades from Freedom.
  • 2x lipsticks – 1x Revolution and 1x Freedom.  (Great for me starting a lipstick collection).
  • And last of all a Sili sponge “not a sponge”.  Not overly keen on this never tried one before so I had a quick go and found it left my foundation streaky.

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Comparison – high end and drug store Highlighters

Two highlighters with 2 very different prices…… Let’s review.


Model Co baked highlighter – free sample from Birchbox, in the shade Moonshine.
This is only a sample size, the actual size is worth £31.



Sleek highlighter palette purchased off Amazon for only £10, in the shade Solstice.


The Sleek highlighter palette I have used for well over a year, my favourite shade is Equinox the lovely gold shade.  It is cheap, very pigmented and gives a great colour pay off.
I received the Model Co highlighter from my Birch-box subscription in April.  It is a beautiful shade, more natural, not so shimmery.

I use a fan brush to apply both highlighters. A few brush strokes from the Sleek palette and I have a very pigmented highlight.   Downside to the Model co highlight is that, it takes a lot of dabbing the brush to get any pay off, i often find myself adding more and more to get close to the pay off I get with Sleek.

I like both products, however when I way up the price of them both I think Sleek is worth the money.  I use less product with sleek and it lasts longer, I am also given 4 shades in the palette.
Model Co is lovely but I wouldn’t spend £31 in the future when I have to use more product.  I always reach for my Sleek palette first.

? Bringing back makeup reviews ? Baby updates?

September 2017

Hello all,

This post is a little different.  I love reviewing books for you all, however I have to admit I struggle to keep up with a book a week to review.  I just feel I am not giving to you what you have all subscribed for.

I want to continue to review, promote, share books with you all as this is a passion of mine.  But to include more content I was wondering if you would prefer for me to bring back some makeup reviews.

The makeup reviews will just be my impression, no tutorials as I am no way a makeup Guru ( I can’t draw on brows or do eyeliner haha).

I have also wondered if I bring in a new weekly post dedicated to my pregnancy.  I am now 24 weeks pregnant, will be 25 on Friday.  Again not sure how many of you would be interested.


Please leave a comment below with what you think.  And leave suggestions. 🙂

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Where have I been, Book tube and Current read.

Front garden.jpgHello my lovely beauty and book followers.  AGAIN I have been gone for over a week.  Sometimes life just gets in the way.

As many of you know that follow me I am a full time nurse, and that includes a variety of shifts as my job is 24/7.  This is not the first time I have posted about this.
This week I have been on 4 night shifts which were busier than I planned, therefore I did miss breaks so I was not able to read in free time to get a review up and ready for you today.
Thursdays night shift was BAD, oh my goodness, by Friday morning I was so tired, exhausted I just wanted my bed.   Since then I have not been able to switch my body clock back as I do have another night shift tomorrow…. Boo, then back onto 3 days.
But I can assure you I am going to be reading this week.

Good reads cover

I plan to finish this book this week, I am half way through and it is very good.  I am definitely going to get back into reviewing, I was doing so well for a month haha.  Ooops.

Here is the link to me introducing the book to you:  New Read: In His Corner

I brought up in a previous post that I was thinking of starting Book tube as a new way to share my love for books.  As well as sharing my love for makeup like I do on this blog.  

I have set up a new channel, and uploaded 3 videos that I did about 3 years ago before my life became hectic, but I am serious and ready to start it very soon.
Please check them out and advise me, if you’re a book tuber please comment below and help me out, it is really appreciated.  Link below

Hannah’s beautiful fantasy Youtube

Thankyou, all of you so much and for helping me reach over 320 followers so far.  I want to make all of you proud.

Benefit brow before and after


Hello my lovelies it has been a while since I have posted something beauty related, today I bring you Benefit Gimme Brow and Ka-Brow. my before and after:


Ka-Brow!- £20
Brush on rich, buildable colour! This all-in-one eyebrow cream-gel easily fills, sculpts and defines brows. Plus the built-in hard-angled brush magically converts to a full-size brush for precise control & effortless application! Includes signature Tips & Tricks!

  • builds from natural-looking to dramatic
  • cream-gel colour
  • 24 hour waterproof wear


Gimme Brow- £20

Our cult-favorite gimme brow tinted eyebrow gel contains tiny microfibers that adhere to skin & hairs, creating natural-looking fullness and definition. The custom, tiny tapered brush blends easily while the precision tip shapes hairs into place. Now available in 3 shades, including a NEW MEDIUM SHADE, so every gal can brush on fuller-looking brows. Includes signature Tips & Tricks.

  • volumises, tames & tints
  • water-resistant & long-wearing
  • 94% said brows looked visibly thicker

Here are my before and after steps:


This is my eye brow before any products.  The first product I apply is Ka-Brow, I find it can be a little dry so it takes a while to layer up the brush.





My brow after using Ka-Brow,  I am gradually learning to improve the outline but like I said, this product is a little dry so I may need to source an oil or pop a little water into the pot to make application easier.



I then applied the Benefit Gimme brow which is like a mascara wand with fibres, filling in any sparse spaces, and setting the brow.  Sometimes I use this on it’s on in the mornings if I want a fuller natural brow.





L’Oreal True Match highlighter-First impression

Hello all my beauty followers,  I went out and splurged on some new makeup, just because it was my birthday 🙂 why not.

Today’s main first impression is about the L’Oreal true match highlights.  I am not sure how long they have been on sale for but I am actually impressed. I tried it today for the first time and fell in love.  


This powder highlight cost me £7.99 and I got mine in the shade icy glow.  There are two shades, the other is more of a bronze highlight called Golden Glow.   

A collection of 4 iridescent powder highlighters which blend effortlessly together for all over illumination or to highlight key areas.

Designed in 2 light enhancing shades. An iridescent golden glow that enhances the overall complexion with a luminous finish, perfect for medium to dark skin tones. Or a pearlescent icy glow for a subtle highlight to a radiant glow, perfect for light to medium skin tones.

Ultra fine pigment and highly blendable formula.  (L’Oreal)

Pro tip: Transition your natural radiance from day to night with True Match Highlight by applying the powder illuminator with a damp brush for a more intense glow.


I personally loved the pink/bronze shade on the right, that was what I used in the picture above.  The other two are beautiful but not as pigmented.  All of these together I think would look gorgeous.  I obviously haven’t used it long enough to give a proper review.  We will have to see if I like it more than my Sleek Highlighting palette.
There was a small amount of fall out, not a lot, but I did find I had to swirl my brush around a bit to get enough product, so it is not as pigmented as I thought.

As a first impression I like it, I will keep testing it out and let you all know what I think, but I do like that it has a possibility of using 4 shades 🙂

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Everyday makeup Look

img_1451Hello my lovelies,  It has been a while since I have done a get ready/every day makeup look.  So here we go.  Excuse the hair this is it in it’s natural form (CRAZY FRIZZ).


I always start of by priming my face, my go to primer is the Samshbox pore minimizing primer.  Main review : Smashbox pore Minimizing primer

This gives me a smooth base to apply my foundation.  And I cannot rave about this primer enough it is fantastic, especially for my spot prone skin.

My next step is to apply my foundation, I have been using the L’Oreal True match since December and I love it, I have reviewed this as well: L’Oreal True match foundation: Before and After



I apply my foundation and Concealer using the Real Techniques basic complexion sponge.  I make it damp and use the curved side to blend my makeup.

I use the flat side for my powder.





My next step is applying my Urban Decay Naked skin concealer to my spots, as well as applying it under my eyes, forehead and chin.

Next step is for my to powder everything into place.  I sometimes skip this step depending on how much foundation/concealer  I have put on or if I am going out.  My favourite powder is by Airspun, I purchased mine off of Amazon for hardly anything.  This one is translucent, better for pictures.  Totally worth the money.
I apply it using my Powder brush by Real Techniques. 

Time to add some colour to my face, as I look PALE, haha I blame British weather.
My favourite way to contour is by using my Kat Von D Shade and Light palette.  I mainly use the contour shades in this palette, my fav is shadowplay which is the bottom/middle shade.  I apply this across my hairline, temples, hollows of my cheeks and jawline, using the sculpting brush by Real Techniques.

Next step is applying some blush to my cheeks, still looking pale.  I used a baked blush by Milani, it is more of a peachy coral shade.  I used my Blush brush by Real techniques and applied the blush to the apples of my cheeks.img_1434

TA DA!  Still not done …… (The light makes me look a little washed out still, HOLD ON)
We need some highlight.


This is the Sleek makeup highlighting quad palette in Solstice, it is Beautiful I have reviewed it in the past : Sleek highlighting palette 

I love the two shades on the right of the palette most, they look natural and are build able.
I apply these using my fan brush off Amazon, pop it on my forehead, down my nose, on top of my cheekbones and across my cupids bow.


And here is the final look.  I added mascara and some pink lipgloss to pull it all together.

Again I know my hair is a mess, but this is my everyday look for work, and when I am quickly going into town.  It is so natural.
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