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Bio Alga Night Cream First Impression

I was sent a free pot of the night cream for an honest unpaid review.  

Nat-ul is a natural cosmetics online store with a Knowledge Hub. We have access to some of the finest natural products from across the globe. Through us we will be distributing these products in the United Kingdom. We believe people should make informed choices about their beauty routines without being hit heavily in the pocket. There is a world of amazing natural products, which can take our bodies on a journey to embrace and connect with nature. We at Nat-ul want to help you on this journey. This is why we passionately promote natural ingredients and beauty products. Nature has so much to offer and we should respectfully make use of its assets. Our mission: To provide and promote natural cosmetics without compromising on affordability.
(Taken from their Facebook page)

BIO ALGA Regenerating and smoothing night cream, Face creams, Ava, Nat-ul £11.99

The product sent to me to review is the Bio Alga natural smoothing night cream with Q10.
The site states that the cream is :A strong concentrate of active substances. Contains nourishing complex of algae and Coenzyme Q 10 + Ralong with supporting vitamins C and E. Combats free radicals, supplies cells with oxygen, removes toxins, deeply and intensely moisturises and delays skin aging process. The cream activates protective mechanisms, strengthens elastin and collagen fibers. The skin regains its smoothness, elasticity and a young, healthy look. Existing wrinkles are shallowed and the process of creating new ones is delayed. Intense, nourishing night cream for all skin types.

My Review

First of all this is a very good sized pot to be sent to review.  Thank you to the company.  They were very fast with postage and sent me two small sample sachets as well.  On their business card they state free samples for every purchase, that’s a bargain.

Anyway, I tried this Friday and Saturday night.  My skin is combination, very dry on the cheeks and chin but oily in the T zone.  Normally when I wake up in the morning my skin looks a little rough…..Being a new mum sleep is rare haha, and with this cold weather coming in I am breaking out in spots and looking dry.

On application I found the cream cooling and refreshing, it did leave my skin feeling tacky but that’s normal, I find this happens with night creams.
In the morning I found my skin to feel and look hydrated, and definitely smoother to the eye.  I also found the cream helped with my dark circles (Bonus).  I am going to keep using this product, but I am very happy with it so far, I normally find it hard to get a cream that fully hydrates my skin so well.

The price for this is very reasonable.  The site also offers free delivery over £25.
Fantastic price and quality for organic and natural products.

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March Birchbox – first time buying

Hello all and welcome back to my blog space.
Today we are looking into my first EVER Birchbox, from March.
For the total of £12.95 (£10 for the box, £2.95 postage).
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The box comes with about 3 booklets/leaflets.
The first is the main booklet with details about the products, as well as a quote.  The quote for March was “Be present not perfect”.
Lets move onto what is inside.

Boom, all this for £10.  AMAZING.
On my profile I was able to fill out questions about my skin and preferred products.  Birchbox then decide on what products would best suit my skin.
I then recieved a free sample which is the Blaq face mask.


This is the Ritual of Sakura foaming shower gel ( FULL SIZED) by Rituals, normally retails for £4.50.
It smells so good, and the product is like shaving gel, so a little lasts a long time.


BLAQ face mask ( tester size)- this was the free product.
the full size mask retails for £14.
I found the sample size did 2 full face masks.


This is the MaskMe hydrating hair mask by Pro Blo Group.
a pack of 4 of these cost £8.
I have not tried this yet.


The best bit this month was they included a sample size of the new Benefit BAD Gal BANG mascara.
The full size mascara retails for £21.50
I love it and I know this sample size is going to last me such a long time.  I will do a proper review on this product another day.


And finally…….This is the Spectrums collection B04 Angled blender brush
Retails for £5.99
It is so soft and applies eyeshadow and blends beautifully.


I hope you enjoyed checking out the March Birchbox.
I love this and cannot wait to see what my April Birchbox will bring.
I definitely think it is worth the money.  £10 for all these testers and 2 of them on their own cost £10.49 ( brush and showergel)  so the rest were a bonus.
Definitely helps me decide if I want to buy the full sized products.

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Everyday natural look + essentials


Hello all my lovely followers, and newbies.  I haven’t really shared with you all my everyday essentials in a while, and they have changed a bit.  I always use my makeup to achieve a natural look because, it is either for work or  just general out and about.  It has been a while since I have done a really glam look.   
Below are my main essentials to achieve my natural look, I have recently started to fill in my brows and I have noticed a significant improvement to my appearance.


Lets start from the base to the finish shall we?  Most of these I have reviewed, therefor I have linked them below.


I have reviewed a lot of the products above already, but I haven’t included them all together for a while.  There is a mixture of expensive and affordable makeup above, it has taken me a while to gather this little collection, and I do own more makeup, but these are my favourite at the moment.
They are all super durable, I wear them on 12.5 hour shifts as a nurse and they can withstand all that time.

For more reviews, demos, or before and afters please comment below 🙂 I reply pretty fast.

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Urban Decay all Nighter setting spray review 

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I have been extremely busy this week, it was my first week back at work after my holiday.  The holiday was amazing! But going back to work was a shock to the system again and I have wanted to do nothing but sleep all week.  However you can follow my life my following my social media accounts which I will have listed at the bottom for you all.

Today I am bringing you another makeup review, from Urban Decay Cosmetics.  The product today is the All nighter makeup setting spray- Long lasting up to 16 hours.

This product retails at £22 a bottle.  Each bottle contains 118 ml of pure greatness.
Urban Decay description:

Is makeup meltdown ruining your midnight mojo? Mist on this weightless spray to give your makeup serious staying power. All Nighter keeps your makeup looking gorgeously just-applied – without melting, cracking, fading or settling into fine lines.

Our groundbreaking, clinically tested formula is suitable for all skin types and features patented Temperature Control Technology. Yep, this baby actually lowers the temperature of your makeup to keep foundation, eyeshadow, blush and concealer in place – even in hot and humid or cold and windy conditions. The result? Smoother-looking skin and vibrant makeup that lasts.

All Nighter’s sleek, modern packaging hints at the high-tech formula inside. The white box features a gorgeous, sophisticated watercolour design in deep purple with coordinating type, and the soft-touch bottle has a colour-coordinated cap. Unlike similar products on the market, the sprayer delivers a micro-fine mist that goes on so light, you’ll hardly feel it – and once you’ve applied it, you won’t even know it’s there. If you’ve tried other setting sprays that feel sticky or tight on your skin, you’ll be AMAZED by how different this is.

I have been using this product for a couple months now, if you follow me you would have seen my previous haul which included this product.  My first thoughts on the packaging are, it’s very sleek, and simple, while catching the eye.  I always love Urban Decays logo, and being a lover of purple I was a sucker when it came to the packaging, oops.

The directions state that you only need about 3-4 sprays to help keep your makeup lasting all night/day, and you are to apply it across the face using a cross pattern.  I hold my hands up, I do not use this method, I just spray it in whatever way I feel like and I do use more than 4 pumps to cover my face, have to be greedy and with my job my makeup needs to withstand ANYTHING (#NurseProblems).  The pump does what is describes and ensures a fine mist is applied to your face, and I could hardly feel anything spraying onto my face which I liked.

Now with my job my makeup needs to last 7-12 hours a day.  I have been struggling lately with just using setting powders and found they clump my makeup in particular areas throughout the day.  I have used this spray over just foundation as well as over both foundation and powder.
My favourite result would be spraying the mist after just using foundation and concealer, because if I have used a setting powder and then used this spray I find the powder dissapears in certain areas on my skin, and becomes patchy, especially on my nose and under my eyes.  However this could be due to the powder I have used, on the other hand I have used 3 different setting powders and it still continues to happen.  Also when using a powder underneath I find my makeup won’t stay put for the whole shift, and will move in certain areas, particularly between my brows and my nose.

when I just applied foundation, concealer, and then applied the spray, I found a HUGE difference and fell in love.  I found my makeup stayed flawless all day, it did not slip or slide around my face.  I didn’t have areas where my makeup wore away, and I found the spray kept my face shine free.  It’s extremely light weight and made my skin feel soft.

I feel it could last 16 hours if I wasn’t at work and was out for a normal day.  But it did last a good 12 hour shift, which involves humidity and physical activity.  This to me is amazing, as this never happens.

I will be re purchasing this product for sure at the end of the month, I currently have a couple sprays left in the bottle.  It is well worth the money and it lasts for a long time.  To see results follow my Instagram and Twitter account.

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Urban Decay Primer potion

Urban decay primer potion

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Today I bring you my new favourite and holy grail primer by Urban Decay Cosmetics.  This primer is focused on minimising/perfecting pores, and improving overall complexion.

Minimize the look of pores and fine lines! Smooth on a little Primer before foundation (or on bare skin) for a soft-matte finish without a greasy feel. Smooth on a little Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer Potion before foundation (or alone!) to totally minimize the look of pores and fine lines. The velvety, paraben-free formula flashes down to a soft-matte finish, without the greasy, heavy feel sometimes associated with foundation primers. The result? Flawless skin with an airbrushed look and feel. Foundation applies smoothly, evenly, and won’t fade away. Ideal for oilier skin, but dry complexions who want pore perfection will love it, too.

All I have to say about this product is YES!
It is the best primer I have used so far and I do not think I will be changing to any others any time soon.  This primer has worked wonders on my skin.
The background on my skin is; I have rather large pores on my nose, between my brows and across my chin, you could say my whole T zone has large pores.  This has been a problem in the past as they stand out and I become very self conscious thinking people are just staring at my face, in my problematic areas.
Since using this primer I have noticed my pores are minimized straight after application.  I do not dab the product into my skin, but instead lightly rub it across the areas I need it most, which is the T zone and a little on my cheeks.  Now with this product a small pea sized amount will do the job!
After applying I then move straight onto my foundation which I apply using a beauty blender.  I find that my skin looks matte throughout the day and my foundation stays put for a good 6-8 hours if I do not set my foundation.  I have had no issues with my foundation sliding across my face or coming off since using this primer.

You can buy this product online if you’re unable to find a local store. The primer looks like it will give colour to the skin but infact it is completely clear and leaves no shine behind. I was able to buy mine in House of Fraser.  This retails at £19.50 and it is a very large size.  I bought mine the beginning of April and I still have loads left, and I use this nearly every day.  To me that is a an amazing deal.
I give this a 5 star review.

If you have tried this primer or any other brands that help reduce oil and pores on the skin, then please feel free to leave the name of the brand and the product in the description bar below.  After all we are all here to learn and improve.



Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog for another beauty related post.  Before reading further do not forget to follow me to keep updated with more beauty related reviews.

Today I bring to you all Urban Decay’s Naked Skin concealer in Light/Neutral.  I found my local store inside House of Fraser here in England.  Some of you who follow me, back in February you would have seen my haul where I bought this product along with the setting powder.  However today I wanted to focus on this concealer in particular as it has been my most used product in my makeup bag and has become my holy grail.

First of all let me tell you all the details on this beautiful product.  This concealer cost me £17.50 which is a very good price for how well this product works, and is available in 8 shades.   The packaging looks very high end to me and sleek with as little detailing as possible.
Urban Decay’s description is:

 “Hide even your most scandalous flaws. Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer gives you buildable, even coverage with a luminous, semi-matte finish. Ultra lightweight, this high-tech formula melds like a second skin to give you full coverage in an instant. Hide even your most scandalous flaws. Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer gives you buildable, even coverage with a luminous, semi-matte finish. Ultra lightweight, this high-tech formula melds like a second skin effect and gives you full coverage in an instant.

For complete coverage, just keep building; no matter how much you apply, Naked Skin Concealer always blends beautifully and won’t settle into fine lines.

Naked Skin Concealer helps improve skin’s youthful appearance and elasticity. Japanese green tea revitalizes and helps reduce the appearance by reducing the appearance of fine lines and giving a brighter, more radiant complexion. The formula is enriched with Matrixyl 3000, green tea, Litchiderm™ (derived from lychee fruit) and sodium hyaluronate.

Practical and travel-friendly, this formula comes in a gorgeous bottle that’s like a smaller version of our Naked Skin Liquid Makeup component. The modern flocked applicator lays down just the right amount of product, and it’s soft enough to use on the delicate skin under the eyes.

Naked Skin Concealer comes in a range of meticulously calibrated shades that coordinate with Naked Skin Powder Foundation. Our shade-matching system provides a clear starting point for finding your perfect shade: the first part represents shade intensity, and the second indicates shade undertone.”
Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer

The concealer comes with a small soft applicator, it is the perfect size for all areas of the face that you wish to conceal.  The picture above is a perfect example of how much comes out onto the skin when using the applicator, the top right photo shows just one swipe from the wand.  While the bottom right photo shows just how well this concealer blends into the skin, and looks natural as well as giving a subtle warm shade.  Obviously the concealer has not covered everything, but the benefit of this product is that it is buildable.  I always use this product in certain areas as shown below:

Under my eyes, forehead and chin are the main areas of concern for me, as these are the darkest parts of my skin and are usually the places where I tend to break out.  The before and after shows how well this concealer blends and how natural my complexion is afterwards.

I do find I have to let the concealer sit on my skin for a while before I add a powder to set it.  The reason for this is I have tried to apply different powders to my under eyes straight after applying concealer and I find the powder can make the concealer clump or break apart, which is not what I want when I have just spent ages blending.  My tip is after blending it out focus on maybe doing your eye shadow or contouring, this allows the concealer to settle on the skin,  after a couple minutes I set my under eyes with powder and use patting motions with a light hand.

Overall I have no problems with this product, I do not think it is super expensive compared to other brands that can be found in Boots, and it is worth the money when you can achieve a full coverage look, which looks natural.
It works really well as a highlighter as well if you don’t need it for any blemishes.
I give this a 5 star for durability and looks.  I have not used anything else the last couple months and have bought my second one.

Give it a go and comment below so that others can enjoy this product.

Hannah x0x

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