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Removing Cradle Cap

Since having my little boy there has been lots to learn.
And cradle cap was something I knew nothing about until a few weeks ago, I had heard about it but never seen it.
I love bathing my little boy, as he is getting older he is enjoying it more and more.  He is beginning to smile now, which obviously melts my heart.
I had previously noticed the dry skin on his scalp but it was superficial, like the patches on his face, however these were not reducing with lotion.
When he had a bath the dry skin became worse and was starting to show all over his scalp = me freaking out.
I am obviously new to this all and was asking every mum I know “what do I do?”, once seeking advice I was told he may have cradle cap.

Below I have included my steps and a few alternatives.
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Removing Cradle Cap

For all you new mums, these are some very basic steps which I was told by other mums.
These products you may already have in your house.  The products I am about to list are of my own choosing, you can use what ever brand you like and in whatever order.

In the bath I always add a little baby oil, ours is from ASDA their own little angels baby oil.  As well as  some baby bath, the one we are currently using is from Morrison’s brand Nutmeg Bedtime Bath.

I give Clayne (my little boy) a good wash all over with his baby sponge first, whilst playing around to make bath time fun.

I do his head last because he isn’t too impressed with his hair being washed.  This is when I use his Johnson’s baby shampoo.  I have heard a lot of stigma about Johnson’s but my parents used it and I have used it on my little boy and noticed no issues.


1 – I apply some of the shampoo to a baby brush (very soft), and get the brush wet.
2 – I brush Clayne’s hair in circular motions gently all over his head.  This loosens and removes the dry skin.
You can use baby oil for this part, or olive oil.
3 – Rinse.  I don’t repeat as I have found once is enough.
4 – Once he is out the bath and all dried  I will lightly rub some baby oil on his head and face to restore the oils he may have lost.  And then carry on to moisturise the rest of his body with baby lotion.  He loves this part like  a little massage.

I have used this technique about 3 times now and it has worked remarkably well.  Very simple and easy.  Clayne now has the smallest patch at the back of his head to go now.

If you have any tips and tricks please list them below for myself and other new mums out there.

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