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Everyday Makeup Products

Makeup as a new mum is a challenge.  To tell you the truth if it was just me, and Craig wasn’t around, I probably would never wear makeup out ( so time consuming, no new mum has time for that :p).
Most days I cuddle my baby boy in pj’s and no makeup, I am a lazy girl at heart, don’t judge me.
So when I finally decide to go out and dress up, I put on the same makeup look, boring I know but it works for me.
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Every day quick makeupMy Makeup consists of from base to finish-

1- Always moisturise (I forgot to add the cream here but I lately using Nivea face and body).

2- L’Oreal True Match Foundation in shade Rose Ivory ( Those of you who have been here a while know this is my holy grail).  For a quick look I do not use concealer, this foundation covers well.

3- Set it all with Airspun translucent powder.   Available on Amazon, great when you’re on a budget as I have not found a better powder for the same price.

4- Bit of contouring with the Kat Von D shade and light palette which is very well loved and I have hit pan…….. in desperate need of a new palette please comment below.  (I am on a budget now though :/).

5- For blush I have been using Benefits Galifornia.   Bought this over a year ago, I use it all the time and I still haven’t hit pan.  It is a gorgeous pink that you can build on.  A little goes a long way.

6-  Highlight, Sleek highlighting palette with 4 shades.  This is another holy grail product I will definitely purchase again it is stunning.  Again i have hit pan on this product.  Can you tell it’s well loved by all the fingerprints :p.

7- Finally the eyes and brows.  Lately I have been using the Benefit BAD gal BANG mascara , a fantastic product.  I received this in my March Birchbox pot a while ago, and definitely intend to buy the full size tube once used.
And for brows I received the Fill and tame brow mascara in brunette, again I got this in my April Birchbox 2018- Cath Kidston special edition.


GALifornia by Benefit : Blush



Benefit’s NEW GALifornia golden pink blusher is part sun, pure fun! It blends bright pink with shimmering gold, capturing the warm glow of California sunshine in a box. The signature GALifornia Dreamin’ scent features notes of pink grapefruit & vanilla. Comes complete with a custom rounded blush brush for soft, diffused application.

  • Golden pink powder blush
  • Artwork inspired by vintage California surfer girls
  • Includes rounded blush brush and mirror  (Benefit website)

Okay I am in LOVE with this blush.  I went to Benefit on my birthday just to try out some of their brow products as they are well known for them, and everyone I watch on YouTube raves about their brows, so I thought lets give them a go.  

The girl there was lovely, she offered to do my whole face with their best products as 1. It was my birthday and 2.  I own nothing by Benefit.   This blush Galifornia was gorgeous when she applied it, their is some gold shimmer to the blush which gave my cheeks a lovely subtle glow, and I have had nothing but compliments since wearing it at work.
The formula is very pigmented, but I cannot get enough and sometimes go over board, OOPS.

The packaging is so attractive and will definitely catch your eye, as well as the internal product, SOO PRETTY.  I am so glad I paid the extra money for this product because it was well worth it, I have even stopped using my Milani baked blush since using GALifornia, just because I have become addicted.
I am well aware it is a pricey product, but I can reassure you it is definitely worth the price, it lasts a long time, and the colour payout is amazing. The blush does come with a brush which I do not tend to use but do keep as they are a good size for travelling as they fit inside the product, I use my real techniques blush brush to apply my blush.

Over all I give this product a 5 star rating, I am blown over with the quality.



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Milani illuminating face powder


Hello all, I bring to you the Milani illuminating powder, I bought this last month as I was looking for an affordable highlighter for next month. I saw good reviews but obviously need to test it myself. I was unsure of what shade to get especially as it looked pink I’m the photo. So I opted for 03 Beauty’s touch.

It looked gorgeous when I received it the other week on my hand it’s not very easy to see but there is a shimmer there, this is deceiving as when I actually applied this to the tops of my cheek bones I found the pink came through more than the shimmer, which then made me look like I doubled up on blush.

The packaging for this product is gorgeous, the gold packaging makes it look a little more up market in my opinion.  This product cost me about £5.99 which is super inexpensive for any of you looking to not spend a fortune. This brand is not sold in any shops in England so I had to purchase mine online with Amazon, which is easy anyway… I am a bit addicted to Amazon ( you will find that out a lot).

XI have applied this using the blush brush by Real techniques,  only problem is that to get any pigment I have to really swirl my brush around before I can apply,  at the moment I am just using it as a blush as i find on my complexion it appears quite pink even with a small amount, but it is more subtle, giving a natural dewy complexion which is great if you want a fresh faced look for every day.  The shade may be better for darker skin tones, if you have a different result please leave a comment below.  

I don’t think I will purchase this again as its not a highlighter but more a blush.  It is a beautiful shade but I would rather it have more of a shine and less colour next time.  I would recommend it as a blush for you all as its super affordable and does give a lovely finish to the cheeks.


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Milani baked blush 


Recently I bought a few new makeup products to try out as I have a wedding to go to soon.  I was looking for a lovely coral/pinky tone to go with my dress so I was having a look through Amazon and came across the Milani brand, which I have heard good things about by YouTube gurus.

This blush is a baked blush and comes in the color Luminoso, the case does seem very large but on further inspection I found there is a hidden mirror and brush compartment hidden under the blush, I haven’t used this yet but I am sure it will come in handy when I travel.

The appearance does look lovely, it is a drug store makeup brand and not a high end product, I only paid £4.49.  Which is an amazing price for the quality.

The powder has a creamy feel and it’s lovely and blendable.  There is a slight shine to it meaning you may not need a highlighter with it.  There is a swatch above and that was with a small amount, so it is very build able as well. 

Overall I would recommend this blush to anyone it is gorgeous, I am thinking of buying more in different shades next time, but it is so worth the money, and better than some of the high end blushes I have tried in the past.

Huge thumbs up and 5 stars to this blush xox

Favourite blush: smashbox blush rush

Hello everyone here is my favourite blush at the moment, these particular blushes are called blush rush by Smashbox.  Costs £22.  I have had this blush for a while now and have hit pan on it recently and it’s now become a crumbling mess (boohoo).  I can’t remember the shade of my blush all I know is it’s a lovely rosey pink with a slight shimmer to it.  What I love about the blush is that:

1. It comes in a decent size which has lasted me ages after everyday use, meaning I have got my money’s worth out of it.

2. The blush comes with a handy little mirror which is always perfect when you want to pop it into your handbag, all you have to do is twist the bottom of the container and there is the little mirror.

3. These blushes are very natural and you can build on the colour to intensify your desired look.

Like I said I have had the blush for a very long time, I have no downsides to it, I found it a very natural finish which I could build upon to make my look either more natural or stronger for a night out. The consistency is not as powdery as you would think, it is very soft and a small amount goes a long way.  The light shimmer that is in the blush gives my face a subtle glow back to my cheeks which I love.  

On a 8 hour shift the blush stays put on my face it doesn’t rub off, or get onto clothing, the colour doesn’t fade and it makes my skin feel smooth and silky.

I would definitely buy this blush again, in fact I think I have it in my large smashbox pallet which has 3 other shades included. They are an expensive brand but the quality is worth it.

What I love about smashbox is if you go to their stand, mine was in boots, they are helpful and will go through all their makeup with you.  When I went the first time they did all my makeup for free, so that I could test everything, foundation, powder, blush, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick….. They even sell starter sets which have smaller versions of all the makeup, and each set comes ready for what ever skin tone they match you to. 

I definitely recommend.

Smashbox Wonder vision palette

Hello everyone,

I was so excited to open one of my presents at Christmas from my boyfriend and was surprised to see this eye shadow, blush and bronzer palette.

I can’t tell you all the price as my boyfriend has stopped me from looking, hehe I am so nosey.

Anyway thought I would show you what is inside, I can’t give you a review all I can say is that this palette is super pigmented.

I love this palette it’s not set out like a normal one would be, the layout has a more abstract feel to it and really pops out.

The colours range from neutral to the gorgeous black smokey eye.  I love the blush and they are absolutely gorgeous.  I like the bronzer but I did have to blend it a lot.  I found with all these colours you only need a small dab of the shade and that is all you need, the colour goes so far.

Another feature of this palette which I love personally is that they give you look cards.  These are perfect you use them like the picture shown below, and the step by step on the card with tell you what number shade you have chosen should be used in the step.

I would definitely recommend this to all of you, such a perfect palette and it includes everything that I need.  I tried the purple and violet shades shown in the picture yesterday and they were absolutely gorgeous.

 Hope you all enjoyed the inside look into the wonder vision palette.

Sorry there wasn’t a review but like I said I have only been given this but I have high hopes for it.

Speak soon



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