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My Least Favourite Books Of 2018

Hello all and Happy New year. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy start to the year.
I have set a target to read 30 books this year, and to get my blog to 1,000 followers….. I currently have 584. I am so keen to get this blog going this year and want to get a post up 5 days a week.

I only managed to read 16/20 books this year but it has been a manic year. So lets show you all my 3 least favourite books of 2018….

Sorry folks if this was a favourite of you. This just wasn’t for me, it felt very slow paced. I gave it a good go but I had to put it down. Check out my full review here – https://hannahsbeautifulfantasy.blog/2018/01/20/close-to-home-by-cara-hunter-book-review/

I gave this book 2/5 stars.

I completed this book with a love hate relationship. The book started off strong and then went down hill, I was expecting more from the story line, and a little more drama. Instead I found a selfish woman who wanted it all and had two amazing men she was dragging along.
Full review here – https://hannahsbeautifulfantasy.blog/2018/06/15/in-between-book-review/

Gave 3/5 stars.

Another book I had high hopes for. I really liked the change in time from when they were younger to now, however I felt each chapter just repeated itself just in a different time zone….. Could have been so much better.
Book review – https://hannahsbeautifulfantasy.blog/2018/09/21/let-you-go-book-review/

Gave 3/5 stars.

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