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LUSH: Cupcake face mask review.

Hey everyone I really need to start posting more so I will start writing more lists and try to post more often but I would love for you all to ask what you would like to see.

My post today is on the Cupcake face mask by LUSH.  What I love about LUSH is that all their beauty products are natural and are not full of harsh chemicals.
I have never used a face mask before but I have seen a lot of beauty videos on YouTube where Guru’s such as Nicole Guerrioro have used face masks and they swear by them, so I thought why not.

Lush was very nice and I made the decision for this face mask because it states for oily skin.
OMG this mask is amazing I need to use it more than once a week.  It states to apply the mask all over the skin but not near the eyes and leave for 10 mins.
Washing it off is fun (:P) My sink looked like someone had thrown mud everywhere haha, it was fun taking it off so next time I may use it before I shower.
Anyway the results were amazing, I am prone to blackheads over my nose and chin, well this mask cleaned my skin so well that I had no blackheads anywhere on my skin.
The only thing I do not like about this mask is that is said it smells like chocolate and mint but I find the smell off putting and smells funky, however I would not change the mask as the results are so good.

I definitely recommend this mask to all of you men and women 😉 I made my fiancé use it one night because he has spot prone skin as well as me, and he noticed a huge difference after one use as well.  He also found it hilarious applying it to my face.

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LUSH Haul.

Hello, ladies and gentleman, sorry this took so long to get posted.
I have been super busy since going back to university and I have a lot going on in my personal life right now.

Anyway I bought all these products displayed above from Lush last Wednesday and spent a total of £28.99 for all 3.  The most expensive product was the vanishing cream which I believe was about £17.  However all these products last a long time so I would definitely recommend the spend.

The top photo is the Vanishing cream which I use in the morning after a shower, the main aim of the cream is to stop excess oils and to keep your face shine free for the day which works perfectly.

The middle photo is the Cupcake face mask. I have used this twice so far, I am just aiming to use it once a week.  It is an amazing product so far, I am prone to blackheads on my nose and chin and after one use of the mask they disappear straight away.

The last photo is the soap called Fresh Farmacy.  If you follow me I did a post review on this soap 2 months ago I believe here is the link: https://hannahsbeautifulfantasy.wordpress.com/2014/02/26/my-visit-to-lush-fresh-farmacy-soap/
I love this soap but you have to ensure you keep it dry between uses as I left mine in the bathroom uncovered and it disappeared faster (oops).

If you would like a review on any of these products please leave a comment below or talk to me on my Facebook and Twitter page.

Missed you all