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Foundation review: Dream satin liquid maybelline

Hello everyone, today I bring you maybellines dream satin liquid foundation.  I have been using this for a couple months now and feel ready to give you a good run down of what I like about this foundation.

First of all my colour is light porcelain which is darker than the picture above, but the lightest shade in the collection. My skin is dry to begin with and will produce more oils during the day which makes my makeup struggle to stay still.  I also break out in blemishes very often like most of us girls do, therefore I need a good coverage foundation.

I will first start with the cons of the foundation, number 1 is that my shade is the lightest and I still find some days it seems a little dark, and my skin isn’t very white I do have a little tan left from the summer, therefore this foundation may be a little orange for those of you with a really pale complexion.  And lastly I do find it a little bit on the thick side making it a little difficult for application.

I have found when apply this foundation a sponge or beauty blender works best, I tried with my real techniques brushes and I found the foundation left streaky marks across my face, where as the beauty blender when damp applied the foundation evenly, and covered the blemishes on my face well, however the product did get soaked into the beauty blender a lot which means I am wasting foundation, but I haven’t found a better way to apply it.

My real test with foundation is whether it will last a shift at work. Some of you may know I’m a nurse therefore I need a good foundation which can deal with the hot ward and as horrible as it is to say sweat.  I do 7.5 hour shifts sometimes 12 so I tested the foundation with and without primer.  Without primer I found after 4 hours the foundation on my forehead, and chin started to become blotchy and begin to slide. This is with powder on as well, so I didn’t get much luck.  However I have recently started using benefits porefessional as a primer and have found that the foundation lasts about 6 hours longer, looks less blotchy and does begin to move a little but not as bad as it was without the primer. 

Now I always use a beauty blender, primer before, and powder to set after.  I will keep using it but I wouldn’t recommend this foundation for a night out or for longer than 6 hours as it begins to move and will come off easily, however for a product that is only worth £7.99 in boots I would really recommend this product to people who cannot afford the branded items. 

Please leave comments below of a really good drug store foundation that you have tried and loved, I am always looking for new ones.

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Maybelline Superstay better skin foundation review.

20140901_111257Hello ladies, today I bring you the best foundation I have tried yet :).
I am using Maybellines, Superstay Better Skin foundation in Leight-beige.  This shade is probably one shade too dark for me, where as the Ivory shade was too white for my skin tone, so I still have to play around with the shades but overall this foundation has really worked for me.
Keep reading and I will show you my skin before the foundation, after the foundation and then my overall makeup complete.

Before foundation:
As you can see I have a lot of blemishes across my chin and nose that I need to cover, as well as the dark circles under my eyes.

After foundation:
You can still see a few blemishes between my eyebrows but overall you can see how well the foundation has covered my skin.  I would say this is a medium coverage.

After all my makeup:
I am really happy with the overall product.  If you have any tips or products I could use for my brows please leave comments below.

My overall evaluation is that this foundation has a powdery finish and definitely gives a medium coverage.  I did not use a primer with this foundation just moisturised my face as that seemed to give the best result.
I defintely recommend this foundation to you all, as you can see it really covered up my imperfections and I have a lot of them.  This product was from Boots and super affordable I think I paid £8.99 for it which is a bargain.



Here is another photo of the foundation only two days ago and it looks a lot better after using it the second time.

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Review: Maybelline Fit me shine stick. Foundation


Hello ladies I am so sorry that I have been behind on posts but my life is a little busy at the moment, you will know this is you follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Anyway today I bring you the best foundation I have ever used and I will definitely be using it in the summer.
This is the Maybelline FIT me stick in the shade Ivory, it states that it reduces shine and easy to use.

I completely agree with the packet and what people said about this product, I just rub it across my face and then rub in with my middle finger, it is that easy to use.  For a fuller coverage I would recommend you use a foundation brush to push in the foundation into the skin.  However this is such a lovely light weight foundation and is definitely shine free that I will use this all the way through the summer for a more even coverage.

There are no bad words with this foundation I would just recommend that you use a primer beneath as it needs a soft base to really show how well it works.
Well worth the price and a drug store product I will be repurchasing.
Here is a picture of me wearing the foundation and how well it has covered my blemishes and evened my skin tone.

Another bonus is my breakouts have become non existent this foundation stick has been so kind to my skin and does not give me that caked on look.

I will be reviewing more products for you soon from my Haul and I have a clothes Haul coming soon as I went
a little crazy buying new clothes haha oopsies.

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