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Sleek highlighting palette 

Hello everyone, long time no see.

I recently purchased this sleek Highlighting palette.  I have seen this palette everywhere, it’s super affordable and GORGEOUS!   There are a few different types, this one featured is called Solstice.  There are 4 shades, 1 is a cream highlighter and the other 3 are powders.

Top left: cream highlighter, called ecliptic.

Top right: Hemisphere.

Bottom Left: Subsolar.

Bottom Right: Equinox.

The packaging is so eye catching, and looks very high end in my opinion.

I paid a total of £9.99 English pounds.  I bought mine off amazon via Amazon Prime.  Easy buying, and a 5 star review.

Product description: solstice instantly enhances the complexion with a radiant glow, the highly pigmented metallic finishes create a gorgeous luminous sheen on the skin. Solstice can be used on cheekbones, the cuspids bow, the inner corner of the eyes, bridge of the nose and can be swept across the décolletage to create a lit from within glow.

Swatches on my skin.  I have very fair skin.

Left to right: Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Subsolar, Equinox.

I have used this product every day for a week now, and I am in love. I have used a brush and my fingers to apply the highlight to my cheeks, bridge of my nose and cuspids bow.  The picture above shows the subtle highlight it gives me.  The shade used above was Equinox.  Equinox is my favourite shade in the palette.  The shades are so pigmented and glide across the skin effortlessly.  I have used the brush included in the palette but I found it very stiff and it did not apply the highlights well, however this is a cheaper palette, so it was to be expected.

The cream highlight was perfect for below my brows to just enhance their shape.   I also feel the cream would look lovely if you do not plan to use any powders on your face.

I definitely recommend this product to everyone, it is well worth the money and it gives my skin a natural glow that I have needed, as sometimes my makeup can look too matte, and I always feel something is missing.   I am definitely going to recommend this palette to friends, and I will be repurchasing it when I have used it.  Beautiful.

5 stars from me.


Milani illuminating face powder


Hello all, I bring to you the Milani illuminating powder, I bought this last month as I was looking for an affordable highlighter for next month. I saw good reviews but obviously need to test it myself. I was unsure of what shade to get especially as it looked pink I’m the photo. So I opted for 03 Beauty’s touch.

It looked gorgeous when I received it the other week on my hand it’s not very easy to see but there is a shimmer there, this is deceiving as when I actually applied this to the tops of my cheek bones I found the pink came through more than the shimmer, which then made me look like I doubled up on blush.

The packaging for this product is gorgeous, the gold packaging makes it look a little more up market in my opinion.  This product cost me about £5.99 which is super inexpensive for any of you looking to not spend a fortune. This brand is not sold in any shops in England so I had to purchase mine online with Amazon, which is easy anyway… I am a bit addicted to Amazon ( you will find that out a lot).

XI have applied this using the blush brush by Real techniques,  only problem is that to get any pigment I have to really swirl my brush around before I can apply,  at the moment I am just using it as a blush as i find on my complexion it appears quite pink even with a small amount, but it is more subtle, giving a natural dewy complexion which is great if you want a fresh faced look for every day.  The shade may be better for darker skin tones, if you have a different result please leave a comment below.  

I don’t think I will purchase this again as its not a highlighter but more a blush.  It is a beautiful shade but I would rather it have more of a shine and less colour next time.  I would recommend it as a blush for you all as its super affordable and does give a lovely finish to the cheeks.


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Hannah xo