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10 Wishes For My Son

Clayne has had a rough start in life but continues to show he is stronger than his condition, and will fight the whole journey. Craig and I want Clayne to have every opportunity as he grows to develop his personality and life goals. We don’t want him to feel restricted or upset about the factors he has to face as a result of his condition. From what I have seen Clayne do in the last 7 months, I have a feeling he is going to be strong, independent and resilient.
Here are our 10 wishes for our baby boy:

  • Not to be restricted by his condition.
  • strength.
  • To be loving and respectful.
  • Be creative, be bold.
  • Everything happens for a reason, rise above the downfalls.
  • Try his best, we will love him for what he can do, not what others can do.
  • Never feel restricted or limited in his goals – everything can be his.
  • To be who ever he wants to be, whether that be in work, or relationships.
  • Never feel pressured.
  • To live his life and not get bogged down with thinking about money being all there is.

My baby boy, you have strengthened your dad and I. You have given us so much love and given us a stronger purpose in life. No matter how old you are, I will always see you as my baby boy, my cheeky dimpled baby boy.

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My Son’s 3rd Surgery, And Progression.

Hello all and welcome back to my son Clayne’s journey. Clayne is now 7 months old, and the time just keeps going by faster and faster. On the 30th of January Clayne had his third surgery in Bristol.
This time the plan was to carry out a check cystoscopy (a camera inserted via his penis to look at his bladder), as well as a urine stream check….. They were unsure whether he would need valve removal or not depending on their findings.

To read about Clayne’s journey so far please refer to the above tabs (if you’re on a mobile then click on the menu tab).

I forgot to update you all on his check up with his renal consultant in November. Clayne has been diagnosed with the very early onset of Kidney disease, we were aware this was a high possibility however I was still upset and shocked to believe it would happen so fast. I think as parents we never want anything to happen to our children and I always think “it will never be us”.
On the other hand Clayne is coming on leaps and bounds with his development.
We had been catheterising for about 2 months at this point, and now it had become second nature.

In January 2019, Clayne had an USS of his kidneys to see if they were reducing in size. The results were fantastic, Clayne’s kidneys and bladder are reducing in size, his right may be larger but the reduction in size is positive. The Urologist (Surgeon) explained that the walls of both kidney’s and bladder are still thick and tense but this will probably remain throughout his life due to the damage caused by the valve in the womb.

Clayne now weighs a whopping 20lbs at the age of 7 months…… WOW my little chunky monkey.
He can now crawl, stand with assistance, and he absolutely loves to walk whilst holding our hands.

Craig took Clayne into theatre, I just couldn’t face watching my boy go limp in my arms.
The Surgeon said that there was no remaining valve tissue, or any regrowth which is amazing news, and his urine stream when tested was so good that he hosed down half of the theatre staff (that’s my boy).

I think the surgeon was genuinely shocked with how far Clayne has progressed in his condition.
For a baby to be born with the worst valve (completely blocking his urethra) to now have no valve left, have a fantastic urine stream and be as well as he is is extremely rare.
He reckons a couple more appointments with him at Bristol for a few scans and check up, with hopes to stop his antibiotics early and completely stop his catheter by the time Clayne is 1 years old.

This is amazing news for us. We were originally told the catheter could be years, and he could be taking antibiotics until the age of 3 at least.

The next step is follow up appointments for probably a lot of his life, especially regarding his kidneys now.
Within the next year we have planned two particular scans – DMSA (insertion of dye as well as a scan) for function tests. And a Urodynamics test.

To see more about my son’s condition check out the Facebook page myself and another mum have created.


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*Blogtober Day 21* Weekly Roundup

Hey all, welcome back to my weekly roundup.  I did miss day 19 this week, but family comes first.  So please check out my other 5 posts.

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Life Update

So my son had his 16 week injections this week, poor little guy his legs are so swollen, but he is not worried one bit.
I am getting out a bit more with my little boy, Wednesday we went into town with my best friend Chrissy.   Friday we all got ready to go out to a friend at works surprise 50th Birthday party, that was lovely.

I am super excited for the week coming, our new sofa’s are coming this Thursday eek, we can then rearrange the living room and make room for all of Clayne’s new toys.  I swear he has more stuff than we do haha.  Our living room has a huge jumperoo in the corner, a activity cube, bouncer and toys.  WOW.

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First day as a nurse 

Oh my god today was amazing! I can now say I am a nurse which was such a weird feeling…. It’s amazing how much changes from being a student to a nurse.  Doctors spoke more to me and really wanted to hear my decision, and I took more control and made more decisions regarding my patients.  The confidence that has come over me is huge. I don’t even care about the 5am wake up I was dancing round the house in my uniform lol because I am a child.

If you want more updates on my journey as a nurse please comment below and perhaps follow me through my transition from student nurse to nurse and what comes along with it all 😃, leave your comments below or tweet me @creechhan

Nursing update

hey all,

I am 3 weeks away from the end of my nursing degree, it has been a long 3 years! 

Currently I am re writing an essay for a resubmission as well as finishing my elective placement for my new job 😊 which I hopefully start 7/9/15 eek.  The last 3 years have been a struggle even now I have no money and am just keeping things together.  However the first months wages will be worth it.

I am finally getting back into my books with reviews lined up and my own books to read, there will be reviews coming.  I just miss blogging so much but university has been a big priority lately and I have had a lot to figure out.  If you follow me on Twitter I am trying to tweet more for you all my name on there is @creechhan 😊. 

I miss you all and I miss my books.  I can’t wait to write again and review more beauty products when I get more money. 

Love Hannah x