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Weekly Roundup 10/11/18

Best week, for reading, scheduling posts and overall a good week.  I posted a mixture of books, review and mum life. Lets check out what happened….

Archangels ProphecyPosts

Goodreads Mondays

Archangel’s Prophecy Has Arrived.

Archangel’s Prophecy Review.

Review of the Mothercare Orb Pram

Baby Christmas gifts ages 0-6 Months under £20

Favourite Music:

Haha reliving my past…… probably shouldn’t let my 4 month old hear it but he loves it.  Oops.


Clayne had his check up with his Renal consultant for his kidneys.  Clayne is growing and developing amazingly and the doctor was impressed.  Only concern now is he is developing kidney disease.  The future is unknown with how bad his kidneys could get but at the moment we just need to keep checking.  He is such a strong little boy, and so happy.  Watching him giggle and smile this week just makes me so happy.


Finished Book




Eek I finally received this book last Sunday and read it in a day.  It was amazing.  But now I must get back to trying to read Torment……. Lost enthusiasm.









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Yeah….. I trailed off at the end guys, sorry.  But I started off well, check out my posts –

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Favourite Halloween film – 


It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus!

This has been my favourite film ever since I can remember.  I have watched it 3 times this month, and introduced it to my little boy and my nephew for the first time.  BEST FILM EVER!

Life update

This will be Clayne’s first Halloween, his costume is a Dracula baby grow.  Cannot wait to dress him up and just see how cute he is.
We received our 3 month photo shoot back.  I am in love with the photos, argh my son is adorable.
This week myself, Craig and another set of parents have now created a Facebook page for UK families, friends that want to know more about Posterior Urethral Valve (PUV).  We want to raise awareness about our boys condition and share a load of families perspectives.  Page – Facebook page

*Blogtober Day 21* Weekly Roundup

Hey all, welcome back to my weekly roundup.  I did miss day 19 this week, but family comes first.  So please check out my other 5 posts.

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Favourite Songs: 

Life Update

So my son had his 16 week injections this week, poor little guy his legs are so swollen, but he is not worried one bit.
I am getting out a bit more with my little boy, Wednesday we went into town with my best friend Chrissy.   Friday we all got ready to go out to a friend at works surprise 50th Birthday party, that was lovely.

I am super excited for the week coming, our new sofa’s are coming this Thursday eek, we can then rearrange the living room and make room for all of Clayne’s new toys.  I swear he has more stuff than we do haha.  Our living room has a huge jumperoo in the corner, a activity cube, bouncer and toys.  WOW.

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