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Losing weight!

Yay! I know this isn’t a lot but I have lost 2lbs this week, anf I wasn’t even eating less. This week I am eating less and healthy,  and intensing my exercise.

I have stopped the bikini body challenge I was unable to do what it expected,  I think that challenge would be better for people who have been working out for a while but want to get that body faster.

now I am doing more cardio and legs 🙂 lets see what happens this week.

Love Hannah xoxox


My dietary support using SimplySupplements

Green Coffee Bean & Raspberry Ketones Complex

Hello everyone, now a little Disclaimer, this product may have worked well for me however it may not for you, I suggest you consult a Doctor and maintain a healthy diet.

For a while now I have been trying to lose weight but I have not been able too, now a few of you may think that I am not trying hard enough.  My problem is that I am on a contraceptive pill and have been since I was 16 since using the pill I have gained 2 stone over 4 years, this is because the pill can cause us women to feel hungry all the time when we are actually okay, I went from eating small amounts and weighing 11st 7lbs  at 16 to just after Christmas 2013 becoming 13st 9lbs.
I have consulted a Doctor who said it was a wife’s tale that women put on weight because of the pill however if you ask a lot of women on the pill you will find out that a lot of them gained weight on the pill.  I know someone who lost 2 st after coming off the pill in a couple months.

Anyway with that background story I thought I would try what my sister was using which were these dietary supplements from Simply Supplements.  They only cost me £9.99 for one pot of 30 tablets and you get another pot for free. (BONUS).
The idea of these tablets are that they aim to level out your blood sugar levels, which will stop you from burning excess glucose fast and will instead slow the release of sugar.
Now I take one tablet after breakfast about 6 AM and eat 3 breakfast biscuits and I will not feel hungry till 11AM where I will have two small yogurts (fat free) for a snack.  When I have my lunch around 2PM i eat  a small uncle Bens rice time pot and will then take the second tablet.  (You are only allowed 2 tablets a day)
I will not feel hungry again till 8PM. When I come home I eat a small 600-700 calorie meal.

I swear by these tablets I never feel hungry which is a bonus I have cut back on my food LOADS and as a result in two weeks I have lost 5lbs and I have a flatter stomach and my face is looking less round and overall my body feels better.

You do have to have a healthy diet alongside these pills as they are only dietary support to stop you from snacking.  I eat 1,360 calories a day of whatever I want and I still lose weight.

I hope this helped you all, Like I said they are only for support not to replace meals with.  And they will help those of you who snack loads like me and need that little extra help.


Hannah xoxox