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Everyday Makeup Products

Makeup as a new mum is a challenge.  To tell you the truth if it was just me, and Craig wasn’t around, I probably would never wear makeup out ( so time consuming, no new mum has time for that :p).
Most days I cuddle my baby boy in pj’s and no makeup, I am a lazy girl at heart, don’t judge me.
So when I finally decide to go out and dress up, I put on the same makeup look, boring I know but it works for me.
Below I have also added links so you can check out previous posts for these products.
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Every day quick makeupMy Makeup consists of from base to finish-

1- Always moisturise (I forgot to add the cream here but I lately using Nivea face and body).

2- L’Oreal True Match Foundation in shade Rose Ivory ( Those of you who have been here a while know this is my holy grail).  For a quick look I do not use concealer, this foundation covers well.

3- Set it all with Airspun translucent powder.   Available on Amazon, great when you’re on a budget as I have not found a better powder for the same price.

4- Bit of contouring with the Kat Von D shade and light palette which is very well loved and I have hit pan…….. in desperate need of a new palette please comment below.  (I am on a budget now though :/).

5- For blush I have been using Benefits Galifornia.   Bought this over a year ago, I use it all the time and I still haven’t hit pan.  It is a gorgeous pink that you can build on.  A little goes a long way.

6-  Highlight, Sleek highlighting palette with 4 shades.  This is another holy grail product I will definitely purchase again it is stunning.  Again i have hit pan on this product.  Can you tell it’s well loved by all the fingerprints :p.

7- Finally the eyes and brows.  Lately I have been using the Benefit BAD gal BANG mascara , a fantastic product.  I received this in my March Birchbox pot a while ago, and definitely intend to buy the full size tube once used.
And for brows I received the Fill and tame brow mascara in brunette, again I got this in my April Birchbox 2018- Cath Kidston special edition.

May Birchbox 2018


Welcome back to my 3rd Birchbox I have received this year.  This box is only worth £10 + postage and packaging.   Truth be told, I was only excited about two products in this months box.  However for £10 I can not really moan.  BARGAIN!!


Check out all these goodies: Shower wash, eyeliner, face wash, matte lip gloss, and activated charcoal deodorant.

Remember all products are sample sized in these boxes…I am about to give you the full retail prices.


Eyeko Skinny Liquid eyeliner – black.


Nuxe aquabella micro exfoliating purifying gel.


Native unearthed activated charcoal natural deodorant balm.


Doucce luscious lip stain.
Definitely going to review this soon, wow.

And finally: Greenfrog Botanical bodywash – Geranium and peppermint.
(Sorry lost my image for this)


Hope you all enjoyed a little tour into my Birchbox.
So far I have only really tried the lip stain, the eyeliner i have swatched and it looks promising.

Check out my previous boxes:

March Birchbox – first time buying

April Birchbox 2018- Cath Kidston special edition

March Birchbox – first time buying

Hello all and welcome back to my blog space.
Today we are looking into my first EVER Birchbox, from March.
For the total of £12.95 (£10 for the box, £2.95 postage).
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The box comes with about 3 booklets/leaflets.
The first is the main booklet with details about the products, as well as a quote.  The quote for March was “Be present not perfect”.
Lets move onto what is inside.

Boom, all this for £10.  AMAZING.
On my profile I was able to fill out questions about my skin and preferred products.  Birchbox then decide on what products would best suit my skin.
I then recieved a free sample which is the Blaq face mask.


This is the Ritual of Sakura foaming shower gel ( FULL SIZED) by Rituals, normally retails for £4.50.
It smells so good, and the product is like shaving gel, so a little lasts a long time.


BLAQ face mask ( tester size)- this was the free product.
the full size mask retails for £14.
I found the sample size did 2 full face masks.


This is the MaskMe hydrating hair mask by Pro Blo Group.
a pack of 4 of these cost £8.
I have not tried this yet.


The best bit this month was they included a sample size of the new Benefit BAD Gal BANG mascara.
The full size mascara retails for £21.50
I love it and I know this sample size is going to last me such a long time.  I will do a proper review on this product another day.


And finally…….This is the Spectrums collection B04 Angled blender brush
Retails for £5.99
It is so soft and applies eyeshadow and blends beautifully.


I hope you enjoyed checking out the March Birchbox.
I love this and cannot wait to see what my April Birchbox will bring.
I definitely think it is worth the money.  £10 for all these testers and 2 of them on their own cost £10.49 ( brush and showergel)  so the rest were a bonus.
Definitely helps me decide if I want to buy the full sized products.

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Confident with makeup-my confidence


Hey all.
I went to see fifty shades darker with my sister last night and wanted to dress up a little.
Now I am really self conscious of my face without makeup.  Some people would embrace their skin without makeup but I struggle.

I have really spot prone skin, and they are never small (stupid hormones).
I get very dark circles under my eyes (due to working weird hours). Under my left eye I think I have a birth mark that came up when I was about 12 but looks like a bruise.
Basically I wear makeup most days even if it is a very small amount.

The pictures above show me more confident with makeup on.  I just wanted to show people that we all have insecurities, and sometimes I know a lot of men and women may put makeup on, and others will say “what is the point in wearing so much”, but have a think! Makeup is a one size fits all, and it can make people feel more confident, more outgoing.  Just like I do.

Embrace your skin, but do what ever makes you feel better.

Makeup is like applying confidence to your face. High quality makeup can make you look and feel amazing! Click the picture to start shopping and finding some products that you will adore!:

December Favourites 2016

Hello my lovelies, welcome back.

I am back to work next week on 4 nights, so I  won’t get so many posts done this week as I would like. The last week has been lovely, I have felt lots better, I did do a night shift Wednesday which knocked me back a little bit, however I have managed to get lots done around the house, and have second Christmas with the family to make up for me being ill over Christmas.

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Today I am just going to list the products and add the links to the reviews I have wrote for them.

My makeup favourites include:
L’Oreal True match Foundation-New products first impressions

Smashbox pore Minimizing primer

Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette Review

Real techniques base complexion sponge.

Sleek highlighting palette 

Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer

Airspun setting powder

Milani baked blush 

img_1275My FitBit charge 2 has been amazing,  realising how much I walk a day at work, and seeing how exercise effects my heart rate and metabolism is fantastic.

I am currently reading Archangels Enigma by Nalini Singh and really enjoying it so far, nearly half way through and I am captivated by the in depth description and story line, I can envision the story as if I am involved.

And Fifty Shades Of Grey has me excited because the 2nd film Fifty Shades Darker will be released next month and I have my tickets.  Ah  going to be so exciting, I advise you all see this film.  Check out my post about it: Fifty Shades Darker 2017 +Extended Trailer

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Love you all, and thankyou xox

November favourites

Hello everyone,

I want to share with you all my favourite makeup, music, and candles.  Please enjoy and comment below if you want to know more about these products.  Links will be included if I have already reviewed the product.

Real techniques Powder brush.

Image result for real techniques powder brush

I really needed to invest in a better foundation brush as I found regular brushes were causing my makeup to either smudge, especially under my eyes, or I would get patchy/dotty textures under my eyes and on my forehead.  Since using this brush my powders apply flawlessly to my face.  Super soft and easy to clean.

Kat VonD Contour palette.


I love love love this palette, a more in depth review will be coming soon.  I have used this palette every day so far with no regrets over the price.  Easy to blend and great for any ski tone.

Real techniques complexion sponge.


I have really enjoyed applying my makeup with this sponge, the different edges have made it easier t apply my foundation, concealer and blend out my highlighter and contour.
Real Techniques beauty sponge review

Sleek highlighter quad palette


This palette is GORGEOUS, words cannot describe how much I love these shades.  I will admit I do not use the cream highlight, only because I get very oily so I apply a lot of powder, this stops the cream highlight from being blendable. The Pink and golden highlight are my favourites they are gorgeous.
Sleek highlighting palette review

Favourite music

The weekend ft Daft Punk- Starboy

Twenty one pilots- Heathens

Skylar Grey- Wreak Havoc

Thirty seconds to mars- Hurricane

Shayne Ward- Breathles

Favourite candles

Image result for yankee candle cinnamonImage result for yankee candle christmas cookie

Kat Von D: Shade and light palette overview


Hello everybody I am back! And with a new laptop.
While I have been away I have purchased a lot of new goodies so I have more to review for you all in the future.  One of those purchases was this Kat Von D shade and light palette.  I am aware that this has been out for a while however, it has not been available in the UK, until at least the last month or so.  Now it’s available in Debenhams, which means I don’t have to pay extra for shipping from America.

I was hesitant at first to buy the palette because of the price, however I did do my research and watched a lot of Youtubers who spoke highly of this product, and highly of Kat’s Brand overall.  Kat VonD also has her own Youtube account where you can view this product first hand.  Kat demonstrated how this palette was perfect for all skin tones.

Today’s little post is just showing you the palette and details.


This ‘Shade and Light’ face contour collection is a game changer for makeup mavericks everywhere. Inspired by an artist’s palette, Kat has created six matte shades that look truly stunning on everyone. The contour and highlight pairs are arranged by undertone, so you get neutral, warm and cool shades. Use the deeper contour shades to add natural shadow and depth to your face, then accentuate your best angles with the brighter highlight shades (Debenhams – Kat VonD).

  • Set contains:
  • 3x shade powder in ‘Sombre’, ‘Shadowplay’ and ‘Subconscious’
  • 3x light powder in ‘Lucid’, ‘Lyric’, and ‘Levitation’

PRICE- 36.00

The box includes a small little picture which on the back shows instructions for where the highlight shades and contour shades can be applied, to help beginners.  The box is actually very cute because, inside there are stars just like Kat’s tattoo she has beside her eyes, which to me is a lovely personal touch.
The colours on the back of the box are very true to the colours of the shadows in the palette, the above picture proves that.  I just like that this palette is perfect for all skin tones and I can use it as my skin tone changes from the summer months into winter, without having to purchase other shades, which end up sitting around my house waiting to be used.
The packaging is gorgeous and quite weighty actually.  The mirror is decent compared to other brands I have purchased.  The overall design has been well thought out by Kat and really reflects her personality well.  Amazing!  

So far I am impressed with the palette overall and feel I did not waste my money.  The shadows are soft, easy to blend and I can match either shade to my complexion.  I can not wait to review this product for you all at a later date.