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Rimmel London scandal eyes review.

Hello everybody, sorry I have been away for a while, my work has been absolutely hectic….. Anyway thought I would do a small review on a mascara which I have been wearing everyday lately and that is the Rimmel London, ScandalEyes flex.

I usually find with mascaras that they never seem to have has much volume as stated on the packet and in the ads.  However this mascara REALLY works!

These are not my eyes however they give my eyelashes exactly the same result as this.  As you can see this ladies lashes are voluminous, and her lashes definitely look fuller, and like I said this is exactly the same result that I had.

The two issues I would say I had with this mascara is that it does clump up a lot and you have to comb through the lashes after application, you can see a small amount of clumping in the picture.  And the other issue I found was that the mascara wand was too big for my lower lashes which made it difficult for application, however these are the only two downsides which can be dealt with easily.

My solution:

What I did to prevent clumping was too wipe the wand across the top of the pot to wipe off any excess, this gives you less product however the lashes will have a better effect, and this way you can just layer the product onto your lashes for a voluminous effect.

The solution too the bottom lashes for me was to use another mascara, however my mascara was from Maybelline, for precision I used the mascara called CatEyes which really worked as the wand on that mascara is curved and works perfectly for those lower lashes as shown below.


Hope you enjoyed please follow me , and I hope to post some more beauty products reviews for you soon.