Where have I been, Book tube and Current read.

Hello my lovely beauty and book followers.  AGAIN I have been gone for over a week.  Sometimes life just gets in the way. As many of you know that follow me I am a full time nurse, and that includes a variety of shifts as my job is 24/7.  This is not the first time... Continue Reading →


Nurse life

This is my fourth week at my first job as a nurse and my 2nd week where I am working alone.  It has been a struggle not going to lie, I'm tired, stressed and emotional at times.  No one said it was going to be easy but the transition from student nurse to staff nurse... Continue Reading →

First day as a nurse 

      Oh my god today was amazing! I can now say I am a nurse which was such a weird feeling.... It's amazing how much changes from being a student to a nurse.  Doctors spoke more to me and really wanted to hear my decision, and I took more control and made more decisions... Continue Reading →

I’m a nurse

   I cannot believe it but friday was my last day in this uniform as a student nurse. For those that have followed me on Twitter or this blog know that the last 3 years have been a struggle for me.  Myself and Craig (my fiancé). Have moved in together, struggled with money which meant... Continue Reading →

Busy Student Nurse

Hello my lovelies, I am soo sorry that I have been unable to post anything beauty or book related but I have been super busy lately and will be unable to post anything to you all for another 3 weeks. At the moment I have just finished producing an essay and poster to submit Tuesday... Continue Reading →

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