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Kat Von D: Shade and light palette overview


Hello everybody I am back! And with a new laptop.
While I have been away I have purchased a lot of new goodies so I have more to review for you all in the future.  One of those purchases was this Kat Von D shade and light palette.  I am aware that this has been out for a while however, it has not been available in the UK, until at least the last month or so.  Now it’s available in Debenhams, which means I don’t have to pay extra for shipping from America.

I was hesitant at first to buy the palette because of the price, however I did do my research and watched a lot of Youtubers who spoke highly of this product, and highly of Kat’s Brand overall.  Kat VonD also has her own Youtube account where you can view this product first hand.  Kat demonstrated how this palette was perfect for all skin tones.

Today’s little post is just showing you the palette and details.


This ‘Shade and Light’ face contour collection is a game changer for makeup mavericks everywhere. Inspired by an artist’s palette, Kat has created six matte shades that look truly stunning on everyone. The contour and highlight pairs are arranged by undertone, so you get neutral, warm and cool shades. Use the deeper contour shades to add natural shadow and depth to your face, then accentuate your best angles with the brighter highlight shades (Debenhams – Kat VonD).

  • Set contains:
  • 3x shade powder in ‘Sombre’, ‘Shadowplay’ and ‘Subconscious’
  • 3x light powder in ‘Lucid’, ‘Lyric’, and ‘Levitation’

PRICE- 36.00

The box includes a small little picture which on the back shows instructions for where the highlight shades and contour shades can be applied, to help beginners.  The box is actually very cute because, inside there are stars just like Kat’s tattoo she has beside her eyes, which to me is a lovely personal touch.
The colours on the back of the box are very true to the colours of the shadows in the palette, the above picture proves that.  I just like that this palette is perfect for all skin tones and I can use it as my skin tone changes from the summer months into winter, without having to purchase other shades, which end up sitting around my house waiting to be used.
The packaging is gorgeous and quite weighty actually.  The mirror is decent compared to other brands I have purchased.  The overall design has been well thought out by Kat and really reflects her personality well.  Amazing!  

So far I am impressed with the palette overall and feel I did not waste my money.  The shadows are soft, easy to blend and I can match either shade to my complexion.  I can not wait to review this product for you all at a later date.


Smashbox Smokebox palette review

Thought I would do something a little different today and do a review on just one product.

 Smashbox cosmetics have been a must have for me since they have become available in the UK.  However they are a high end product and can be on the pricey side however that is their only downside all their products are amazing and work exactly as they say on the packet.

Today I want to introduce you all to the Smashbox Smokebox eye shadow palette, there are two sorts but I believe this is the newest one available.

The palette cost me £32 however I was able to have a free sample with my delivery and I used their photo finish primer which was a sample and lasted ages however, here is a link to the UK page with the palette:


The description of the colours are as follows from top left – right and bottom left- right:

Shade Description: ALABASTER (Matte Bisque), THUNDER (Shimmery Smokey Grey), BLACKOUT (Matte Jet Black), ROAST (Reddish Brown with Gold Flecks), BLACK CURRANT (Suede/MatteMatte Plum), SEAFOAM (SheenSoft Mint)                                                                         

 Here are the gorgeous colours available and they are super pigmented, the swatches match the top and bottom layer as you can see in the two on the left.
The shade Alabaster is hard to see in this picture however I find it lovely as a highlight and a base for the other shadows.
I love what you can do with these shades and it creates the perfect smokey eye, the shade Blackout is perfect for an eyeliner also.

 The palette provides you with a large mirror that takes over the top lid which is so convenient especially when travelling because you do not have to fight over a tiny mirror.

The palette also provides you with a double ended brush with two different sized ends which are convenient for smaller and more precise lines and the larger end is perfect for blending, as seen below.

The brush is not like any cheap brush you get with other brands or palettes this one is smooth and a perfect applicator for you eyes.


 Another part I found amazing and convenient was at the back of the palette there is a small booklet attached which when you pull the sticker back it gives you two looks to choose from and the colours you can use to create it.  I found this perfect as when I first bought it I did not know how to include all shades into one looks and this little booklet provided me with all details.  And the easy step by step guide makes it easy for any beginners.


I would have to give this palette a

It includes all the essentials for the perfect smokey eye and the brush is perfect to help you with that.

I would recommend this to anyone as it has a perfect step by step guide and the shadows can give you so many versatile looks whether you use the shadows on their own or all together in different ways.

Like I said earlier the only downside is the price as it is quite a lot for 6 colours however they are super pigmented and last for ages and are well worth the money.

For more ways to use this palette Smashbox have a YouTube channel where they show you how to get the most and best looks with their eye shadows.

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Smashbox Wonder vision palette

Hello everyone,

I was so excited to open one of my presents at Christmas from my boyfriend and was surprised to see this eye shadow, blush and bronzer palette.

I can’t tell you all the price as my boyfriend has stopped me from looking, hehe I am so nosey.

Anyway thought I would show you what is inside, I can’t give you a review all I can say is that this palette is super pigmented.

I love this palette it’s not set out like a normal one would be, the layout has a more abstract feel to it and really pops out.

The colours range from neutral to the gorgeous black smokey eye.  I love the blush and they are absolutely gorgeous.  I like the bronzer but I did have to blend it a lot.  I found with all these colours you only need a small dab of the shade and that is all you need, the colour goes so far.

Another feature of this palette which I love personally is that they give you look cards.  These are perfect you use them like the picture shown below, and the step by step on the card with tell you what number shade you have chosen should be used in the step.

I would definitely recommend this to all of you, such a perfect palette and it includes everything that I need.  I tried the purple and violet shades shown in the picture yesterday and they were absolutely gorgeous.

 Hope you all enjoyed the inside look into the wonder vision palette.

Sorry there wasn’t a review but like I said I have only been given this but I have high hopes for it.

Speak soon



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