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My favourite perfumes 

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Today I thought I would show you all, my perfume collection that is beginning to grow.  Now some of these perfumes were given to me and a few I bought myself from Amazon, at a great price.  Now I’m not always into the same sort of scents, depending on my mood, depends on whether I want a darker scented perfume or a flowery Spring/summer scent, I like to have a diverse range.

This is the Beyoncé Heat.  I purchased this on Amazon for just under £10 I think.  It has a darker musky scent than my other perfumes.  The bottle is tinted but elegant and sexy, which is what I believe Beyoncé was going for when she created this scent.

This bottle is the Katy Perry perfume in the scent Meow.  Again this is another perfume I bought off Amazon for a deal, again under £10 which is a bargain.  This has a light flowery scent to it.  I love to wear this fragrance in the day for a subtle scent.  The other perfume she has made was purr, it’s in the same sort of bottle but purple which is a little stronger. I love the shape of the bottle which I believe is dedicated to the nick name she gives her fans. I am also a at lover so I think this bottle is super cute.

Calvin Klein Beauty, this was given to me by my god mum.  It has a lovely scent for the day and evening, but is more of an adult scent compared to the other two I have mentioned.  It is very strong and you only need a small amount.  It has lasted me ages.  I am not sure on the price I think it may be above £50 as its a rather large bottle.

Britney Spears Midnight.  I love her range of perfumes my other two favourites are Fantasy and Rocker. They all smell different which is great as some brands always have familiar scents.  This again was quite cheap off Amazon about £18 for this size, which has lasted me a long time.  The scent is hard to explain but it’s mild, I do spray a lot of it on me during the day and other compliment me about it. Rocker however may be my favourite.  There are many more I have yet to smell.

Calvin Klein in2 u. This was given to me by my god mum again and it’s a gorgeous smell.  I also love it because this is my mums favourite.  It’s a light perfume but lasts all day long  this is about £35 on Amazon, not sure about the shops.
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New Yankee Candles

Heeellloooo ladies.

I went on a little splurge and bought some candles from Yankee candles…. these are my absolute favourite, and if you own one you will know what I mean when I say they are the best smelling candles EVER! and they seem to last forever.

The candles I buy are always the large ones as they last the longest and always look better.  You may have seen a post in November when I bought the small ones which I used for Christmas.

Now the three above our completely new scents to me and I chose them mainly for their colour and thought they were lovely neutral and spring colours to brighten up my flat.

From left to right we have:

Pink Sands

Snow in love (I bought this for valentines day)

Beach flowers

The stand in the main picture is also from Yankee candle, they sell loads of stands and shades for your candles so check them out.

They smell amazing and sweet. below are some close ups:

I would definitely recommend these candles for you all to try and if you sign up to the official sight you will receive regular news letters and discounts.

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 see if you can spot my new babies in the main photo 😉

Hope to post again soon

loves ya