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Old makeup clear out.

Hello all my beauty lovers,  I am bringing back my makeup reviews, hauls and used products.  Tried and tested.
I always buy a mixture of high end and drug store, and now I feel I am getting used to the sort of formulas I like I feel I am more than ready to show you my tips, tricks and all time favourite products.

old makeup

Today I had a good look in my makeup drawer and thought, I do not use half of this makeup and it’s taking up so much room.   Today was the day to remove the makeup I have tried and disliked or just not used for a LONG time.

All the products in the picture above have probably been in my drawer for as long as 1-4 years (hides face in shame).  I know I know 4 years is a bloody long time to not use it all.

I am trying to teach myself to use eye shadow more and create some new eye looks.  This is a huge lesson for me, I am no way going to start looking like those beauty gurus on Youtube in a LONG time.  Hence why a lot of the above makeup is eye shadow palettes.

Products removed:

Smashbox palette with 30 eye shadows, 3 blush and 1 contour shade- lovely palette, amazing.  I just never used the bold colours and then never used the palette.  Have had this for 4 years.

Smashbox smokebox  6 shades- too dark for me. I used to use the black shadow a lot more for liner.

Estée Lauder blush palette- too dark for my complexion now.

W7 neutral eye palette- not used.

Urban decay setting powder-  too orange for me now.

Smashbox contour- too orange for my skin tone, but a fantastic contour shade that lasted me for EVER.

Benefit – double brow.  Just not easy for me to use, I am a beginner with drawing on brows.

Rimmel BB cream- did not like the formula

Maybelline velvet- Again did not like the formula and tried multiple times.

Milani blush-  not very pigmented so ended up not using it.

Mascaras- out of date

NYX matte lip- felt very dry and used to feel crusty on my lips EWWW.

Rimmel lasting 25 hour powder foundation- only bought on holiday as waterproof and had sun protection but again not easy to use.

Collection, concealer-  not my type of formula and just pulled at my skin.

Everyday natural look + essentials


Hello all my lovely followers, and newbies.  I haven’t really shared with you all my everyday essentials in a while, and they have changed a bit.  I always use my makeup to achieve a natural look because, it is either for work or  just general out and about.  It has been a while since I have done a really glam look.   
Below are my main essentials to achieve my natural look, I have recently started to fill in my brows and I have noticed a significant improvement to my appearance.


Lets start from the base to the finish shall we?  Most of these I have reviewed, therefor I have linked them below.


I have reviewed a lot of the products above already, but I haven’t included them all together for a while.  There is a mixture of expensive and affordable makeup above, it has taken me a while to gather this little collection, and I do own more makeup, but these are my favourite at the moment.
They are all super durable, I wear them on 12.5 hour shifts as a nurse and they can withstand all that time.

For more reviews, demos, or before and afters please comment below 🙂 I reply pretty fast.

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Smashbox pore Minimizing primer

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog for another beauty review.
This was requested by a Facebook follower who has recently bought the Smashbox pore minimizing primer but wanted to see how it looked on oily skin, which is also acne prone, and this is where I came in.

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This product retails for £28 on the main Smashbox site however if you click on the photo above, you will be taken to amazon where the product is available for £27.30.

Say goodbye to visible pores! Prime to perfection, plus dramatically blur and reduce the appearance of pores instantly and for up to 8 hours.

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: This non-drying formula also absorbs oil all day for flawlessly smooth, shine-free skin.

JUST THE FACTS: • Visibly reduces & blurs pores—instantly! • Mattifies shine & controls oil for up to 8 hours • Sweat & humidity-resistant
Smashbox description

img_1174This is a picture of my face with no makeup.  My pores are enlarged, my skin is red, and I have a few breakouts due to hormones.  My skin is a combination of oily, especially around the T zone and my cheeks are dry.
I have been looking for a product that can reduce the size of my pores and make my skin a good surface to apply my foundation.

img_1175-1This is what the primer looks like.  It is extremely soft but blends out and dries instantly on my face, leaving no sticky or cream like residue behind.  It makes my face feel very smooth afterwards.  Even though it looks like it has a pigment in it, I can assure you it dries clear.

img_1178Here is a after photo, a minute after application of the pore minimizing primer.  You can still see some pores, however they are dramatically reduced compared to the previous photo.  And after all the product states to minimize, and not completely hide the appearance of pores.  I find this primer somehow helps reduce redness on my face.

img_1181-2This picture shows you before and after the application of the pore minimizer.  I love the results and this was after using a very small amount.  I am super impressed and I am glad I bought this product.  It is worth the money, and will last you ages, because a small amount goes a long way.
I hope the pictures are persuasive enough to make you want to buy this product, I know for sure I am going to be buying more of this primer in the future.

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New products first impressions

Hello all and welcome back to my blog.
Enjoy a little background information and first impressions of both of these products. One is high end and the other affordable.
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Lets get started:
Firstly I can not wait to review these products fully for you all soon.


Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer £28

WHAT IT IS: Say goodbye to visible pores! Prime to perfection, plus dramatically blur and reduce the appearance of pores instantly and for up to 8 hours.

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT: This non-drying formula also absorbs oil all day for flawlessly smooth, shine-free skin.

JUST THE FACTS: • Visibly reduces & blurs pores—instantly! • Mattifies shine & controls oil for up to 8 hours • Sweat & humidity-resistant

First impressions of this primer were, it looked like a normal cream primer when applied to my hand however, when I started to apply it to my face, it instantly dried.  My skin instantly became less shiny, and felt smooth to the touch.  On closer inspection I compared my pores to before and after and, I am blown away! I could practically see no pores.  This was an amazing result as nothing in the past has managed to accomplish this, especially on my nose where my pores are their largest.
A fantastic first impression for me.

L’Oreal True Match Foundation £9.99

L’Oreal’s #1 foundation is now available in 23 shades and matches 98% of UK skintones. L’Oreal’s velvety formula matches your skin’s unique tone and texture, for a true to skin finish: flawless, blendable, and never fake.

L’Oreal’s 23 shades range from warm to neutral to cool undertones, to ensure your foundation is right for you. Whilst your skin tone is visible on the surface and can alter through the seasons, your skin undertones are determined at a deeper level, they are part of your skin and never change. Each complexion has its own undertone: pink (cool), neutral or golden (warm), so you can now find a match that’s true to you.
L’Oreal at Boots

I swear when I bought this in the past I must have had an old formula which I did not like.  While in town I saw this foundation on sale again with more shades, I decided to buy the Rose Vanilla shade.
I used a Real Techniques complexion sponge to apply the foundation and I have achieved amazing results.  I must not have known what I was doing in the past because I was blown away with the results this time.
The consistency was a liquid and very runny however, I only applied one thin layer and found the foundation to be pretty much full coverage, I only needed a small amount of concealer.
It did not sink into any dry skin around my nose or forehead from the cold weather, and it did not build up around my spot prone areas.
I found it dried to a matte finish and didn’t need powder to set.
Flawless coverage was correct.


Very impressed so far, I am definitely going to be reviewing these products further in the future for you all.
And these two together gave me the best complexion I have ever achieved.  Light weight and smooth.  They both lasted for a long time throughout the day.  The true test will be when I go back to work and I can really put these products through it all.
I am very impressed.

Favourite blush: smashbox blush rush

Hello everyone here is my favourite blush at the moment, these particular blushes are called blush rush by Smashbox.  Costs £22.  I have had this blush for a while now and have hit pan on it recently and it’s now become a crumbling mess (boohoo).  I can’t remember the shade of my blush all I know is it’s a lovely rosey pink with a slight shimmer to it.  What I love about the blush is that:

1. It comes in a decent size which has lasted me ages after everyday use, meaning I have got my money’s worth out of it.

2. The blush comes with a handy little mirror which is always perfect when you want to pop it into your handbag, all you have to do is twist the bottom of the container and there is the little mirror.

3. These blushes are very natural and you can build on the colour to intensify your desired look.

Like I said I have had the blush for a very long time, I have no downsides to it, I found it a very natural finish which I could build upon to make my look either more natural or stronger for a night out. The consistency is not as powdery as you would think, it is very soft and a small amount goes a long way.  The light shimmer that is in the blush gives my face a subtle glow back to my cheeks which I love.  

On a 8 hour shift the blush stays put on my face it doesn’t rub off, or get onto clothing, the colour doesn’t fade and it makes my skin feel smooth and silky.

I would definitely buy this blush again, in fact I think I have it in my large smashbox pallet which has 3 other shades included. They are an expensive brand but the quality is worth it.

What I love about smashbox is if you go to their stand, mine was in boots, they are helpful and will go through all their makeup with you.  When I went the first time they did all my makeup for free, so that I could test everything, foundation, powder, blush, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick….. They even sell starter sets which have smaller versions of all the makeup, and each set comes ready for what ever skin tone they match you to. 

I definitely recommend.

My 20th Birthday

Makeup and hair for my birthday
Makeup and hair for my birthday

My outfit
My outfit


I had an amazing birthday weekend just in case none of you follow me via Instagram I thought I would share with you what I wore for my Birthday.

My makeup was Smashbox, L’Oreal and Rimmel London 🙂

I curled my hair using the Remington Curling wand.

And my dress and necklace is from Newlook the belt was an added extra.