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Nursing update

hey all,

I am 3 weeks away from the end of my nursing degree, it has been a long 3 years! 

Currently I am re writing an essay for a resubmission as well as finishing my elective placement for my new job 😊 which I hopefully start 7/9/15 eek.  The last 3 years have been a struggle even now I have no money and am just keeping things together.  However the first months wages will be worth it.

I am finally getting back into my books with reviews lined up and my own books to read, there will be reviews coming.  I just miss blogging so much but university has been a big priority lately and I have had a lot to figure out.  If you follow me on Twitter I am trying to tweet more for you all my name on there is @creechhan 😊. 

I miss you all and I miss my books.  I can’t wait to write again and review more beauty products when I get more money. 

Love Hannah x


Miss you! 

Hey, I keep saying this but I am so sorry for not posts or book reviews, at the moment I am in my last year of nursing and have an essay due next Thursday and then a research dissertation due for the end of May and they are taking up a lot of my spare time as well as going to placement and university 😳.  It’s a busy life, I’m posting this right before a shift as well today 😝 early riser.

Quick update though I am trying to lose weight, lol trying being the big word here as I usually struggle to stick to a diet and exercise programme 😜 easily bored me.

For those of you looking for a healthy breakfast this one I did it lovely, I don’t feel bloated at all after and it keeps me really full until lunch time depending on when I eat it.  It’s far free yoghurt, granola, and summer fruits.  I absolutely love it and it’s so easy to do now. 

If you read my last post I am reading but slowly as its when and if I have time at the moment, and usually after a shift I just want to go to bed, I get that tired.

I need to buy a few more books as after the current read I only have one left 😱 how did I let my list get that small.   So if you have any suggestions leave them below I love fantasy and romance.

Love Hannah 

Retake complete.

Well that is my retake complete (Gulp).
I get annoyed that out of everything I revise, they always put the small details as the questions in the exam -_-.
I know they are testing knowledge but please actually ask the main parts.

I hope to never have to look at randomised controlled trials ever again. 😦

I am terrible at multiple choice. Even though the answers are there, I find the way they word questions is mean, especially long worded questions…. am I the only one who finds this annoying?
Anyway it is all over, now it is time for me to revise drug calculations and common nursing principles for my next exam. Wish me luck, I need it !

Speak soon,

Why is stress so mean.


Hey everyone sorry I have been so quiet AGAIN.

I am super stressed out and emotional lately that I am snapping at my finacé constantly 😦

I have two exams this week followed by a practical the week after, I am also trying to clean and pack as we are moving to a house with my sister to make it cheaper for us. And doing placement 5 days a week.

But what is really stressing me out is that myself and my fiancé have no money and we cannot get help anywhere, the university say that I am not in an emergency, the banks can’t help, and neither can the council.

I am a full time student and my fiancé works on commission, we are trying to find him a new job as he is a mechanic and plumber but no one will take him as he has no experience, how stupid is that.
I worry about where the rent and bills are going to come from in the next couple months.
But what annoys me most is that we are hard working people and the country cannot help people like us in financial situations. 😥 

I just hope something picks up in a minute because I am so close to a melt down it is unreal.

Sorry for the rant everyone please understand that this is why I am not posting at the moment because blogging is the last thing on my mind at the moment. But I do miss it.

Love Hannah

Busy Student Nurse

Hello my lovelies,

I am soo sorry that I have been unable to post anything beauty or book related but I have been super busy lately and will be unable to post anything to you all for another 3 weeks.
At the moment I have just finished producing an essay and poster to submit Tuesday which I finished just today  (phew) just a week early.  This week I have to revise my anatomy and physiology for an exam next Monday which I am scared of as I need to know a lot of conditions, treatments, nursing assessments and medication by then eek.

I then have another two exams followed by a practical exam.
My two exams are okay one is a retake on Randomized controlled trials and the other on conditions and medication calculations which I am more confident on as I did well in that last year.
So far I am happy with my second year of nursing I have passed all my essays so far and only need to retake one exam which was difficult to do.
Compared to last year I had already been referred in two essays but this time last year and was panicking (super stress freak here).

The one test I am nervous for but happy about is my practical which is called an ISCE this year where I need to demonstrate nursing skills on a patient at the university and I will be marked on EVERYTHING that I do from communication, hand washing and personal appearance.

That is all happening in the next 3 weeks, once they are done I will just be in placement until the end of July. but I will be able to read more in June and July and may have more money to review some more beauty products for you all, just bare with me please.  I just need to focus on these few things and then I will be back with a couple months worth of reviews and may have my sister help me too.

My sister may be popping up on my blog as she is moving in with my fiance and I to make it easier with money and so that we can spend some time together before we both go separate for our careers, where ever they may take us.

If you have requests from previous posts about books I have yet to read, or you want to know how I revise, the books I use or more of my life please feel free to comment below or ask me on twitter I am always available to answer them.

Miss you all




My Nursing student life.

Hey my lovely ladies and maybe Gents 🙂

Well so far I am halfway through my nursing and I can tell you it is hard work but worth it.

At first I was intimidated to start my nursing as I have never been a Health care assistant before starting my course however I feel this gave me a fresh start to learn what to do not the bad habits that may be seen.

Family and myself have been in and out of hospital all my life to I thought I want to give something back and learn to see what it is like to look after patients like myself and make a family happy and help them through those hard times.

So far my nursing has been very hard I cannot lie to you, I work so hard and there is no time to chill and relax, I spend most of my time studying the human anatomy and working long shifts and night shifts 🙂 who loves those 12.5 hr shifts.  I am not going to lie to you they are hard shifts and they do make me very tired and I do not like them.  But when you have a patient who is lovely and really makes you laugh it is so worth it in the end.

I get to see so much for example last week I saw Cardio-thoracic surgery which is opening the chest to perform surgery on the heart which is a risky procedure.
I have never been so interested or as fascinated as I was when I saw the inside of a human, it is fascinating to know that this is what we have inside all of us.
My interest is definitely working with the heart as a nurse as I experienced a medical condition with my heart called Supra-ventricular Tachycardia which did cause a few issues however I want to help a patient with their condition and comfort them.

For those of you interested in this line of work I won’t lie to you it is very hard and you need to be dedicated there will be times where you don’t think you can do it anymore but then you meet a patient that makes it all worthwhile.  And there are so many professions out there for you to try.

If you have any questions do not be afraid to ask me what I go through I am a very open person and share everything.

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