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Review – The Ghost Files #3

Title – The ghost files volume 3
Author – Apryl Baker
Pages -264 pages – Kindle edition
My copy – Kindle – from kindle unlimited.
Published – 09/06/2014
Genre – Fantasy, Paranormal, Horror, YA, Supernatural.

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One, two, the ghosts are coming for you… 
Three, four, better salt your door… 
Five, six, death and hatred mix… 
Seven, eight, help will come too late… 
Nine, ten, never reap again…

Seventeen year old, Mattie Hathaway, has enough on her plate without having to deal with the latest teenage ghost drama. The ghosts of eight murdered girls are out for her blood. They blame Mattie for their deaths. She has to figure out what happened to them before they make sure she ends up just like them…dead and angry.
Not only that, but she has to face the greatest fear of her young life, the death of the only person she’s ever loved. Can she let nature take its course or will she interfere and cause the balance of life and death to spiral out of control?
She’s out of time, and doesn’t know if she should trust Silas, the demon who has taken a very disturbing interest in her or her father, a man just as evil as Silas. 
Either way, she has to make a choice. But what will it cost her and those she loves?


Not only does Mattie have to deal with ghosts popping up whenever they feel like it, she is now experiencing their excruciating death. Mattie is now thrown into reliving each girls death, and each ghost specifically wants Mattie to endure the pain. The one occurring theme of their murders being Mattie Hathaway is the reason they’re dead.
Mattie meets her father Zeke – a dangerous, secretive and endearing man. He appears to either scare or draw in others around him. But Mattie is faced with not only fear, but comfort knowing she has found her father. However with Silas in her ear telling her Zeke is not to be trusted, where does that leave Mattie.

I found this book slower than the previous two, not so much ghost drama, but more of a book based on Mattie’s discovery and journey to find herself. Relationships were a heavy plot, I only wish the ghosts of the murdered girls were focused on more instead of the teenage drama.
The story really kicked off about 60% of the way through, with spooks, chills and murders. At this point I was engrossed, it’s a shame it took that long but I am glad I kept reading because that cliffhanger has me wanting to read the next instalment. Which might I add is already downloaded on my kindle.

Perhaps Apryl Baker didn’t do as well with this instalment, however it is a crucial part of the series, and leaves more questions than answers.
I still stand by my previous reviews of this series that these books are a must read, and I would read again. On the other hand, even though Apryl Baker is skilled at writing, I wish this book was perhaps thought out better with a focused plot line, rather than jumping in and out of relationships.

I gave this book 3/5 stars – it was likeable but tedious. Please meet my hopes of the next instalment being better.

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Book review: Finding Immortal

Book 2 in the Award Nominated Bearwood Series .  After losing the love of her life, Ilia Rose will do anything to feel his presence, even if it means freezing or drinking copious amounts of alcohol.  When she learns that Alex is tracking down the remnants of Sol’s army to deliver his own style of justice, she rushes off to find him. On an alcohol induced killing spree, Ilia and Alex receive information that sends their hopes soaring, thus beginning a race to discover the truth about Nathaniel’s death.  Unfortunately, for Ilia, the truth may prove far more dangerous than any enemy she has ever faced. 

Due to sexual content, this book is intended for readers age 18+

If you are a follower of my blog you would have read the first book from the bearwood series called fractured immortal, which I loved.  The series is packed with supernatural beings including, vampires, shape shifters and witches (sounds like the tv series supernatural right?) . The first book I met ilia and Nathaniel and how they met each other, and the special bond between them which is discovered in this book. 

Alex (Nathaniels friend) and Ili team up together to take revenge for Nathaniels death! But the plot thickens with a huge twist nearly half way through the book, where a vampire reveals that Nathaniel may not in fact be dead…… friends were found out to be liars just using Ili for information. 

Overall reading the book I was really engaged at the beginning and over halfway through, due to my own life I forgot to read it, however I finish the book last night and I liked it.  The plots, the twist and turns, the amount of characters involved.   I definitely recommend this book for all you fantasy lovers.  I give the book a 4STAR overall. 

To understand more of the story read book 1 in the bearwood series called fractured Immortal, that will explain everything for you.

Stay tuned for more reviews soon.
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A Touch Of Crimson: Sylvia Day, Book review.

Hello my book lovers out there, today I am bringing you a new series by Sylvia Day, this book was suggested to me on my Instagram account as I love fantasy books.
This book includes vampires, Angels, Seraphim and many other “breeds”, each character has evolved by making bad/good mistakes.

The two main characters in this book are Lindsay Gibson and Adrian Mitchell.   At first they seem completely unalike, but this took me by suprise as they are in fact drawn together by Adrians old lover.

Adrian Mitchell is an angel of immense power and an insatiable desire for the one women he can’t have.  The head of an elite unit of the Seraphim, his task is to punish the fallen – Angels who have become vampires – and command a restless pack of indentured lycans.  Now, nearly two hundred years after losing the love of his life, Adrian has found his beloved Shadoe, her soul inhabiting a new body with no memory of him.

Lindsay Gibson can’t resist her fierce atraction to the seductive male who crosses her path.  Swept into a dangerous world of tumultuous passion abd preternatural conflict,  Lindsay realises there’s more at stake than her lover and her life – both she and Adrian could lose their very souls. 

Lindsay Gibson comes across as a daddy’s girl with a mind of her own, know one tells her what she can or cannot do and she is striving for her career. Her life has not all been plain sailing though as you read the book you see that she has had her deal of pain.  She lost her mum at a very young age to a Vampire attack and ever since she has been looking for the vampire who brutally killed her mother in front of her.  But Lindsay is not normal her self as I was lead to believe in the book she also has her own set of skills which is to do with “Shadoe”, Shadoe was Adrians one true love.

Adrian is a hot sexy, smart, romantic, dangerous sex machine 😉 this book definitely gets steamy so keep reading.  Adrian comes across Lindsay in an Airport after an attack on him, he is immediately attracted to Lindsay and then realises this is his sexual attraction to Shadoes soul.
He has a lot of love to give, but this book shows you his side of the story as well as Lindsays and I began to see his restraint and his love for Shadoe.
Adrian is the top hunter in his field of Angels and is only known by the supernatural for his power over them and what he can do.

I did like this book one I got past the very beginning.  There is a Glossary at the beginning of the book with a load of supernatural beings names, this helped because once I started reading I had no idea who was who in the book, there are so many supernatural beings to get my head around that I still feel a little confused now.  However that aside this book was definitely erotic, emotional with a few twists along the way.
I became really attached to the characters and the stories behind each person, however I would say the beginning is confusing so don#t feel like the only one.
This story explores the obstacles which these two characters have to overcome to be together and there fight for that love.
I wish there was more to this story, and I do hope Sylvia is writing the third book in the series as the second which I am reading now is based on one of the other characters in the book called Elijah, however this seems to happen a lot in series with other authors as well.  Does anyone else feel the same?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this book and please feel free to ask questions below 🙂 I am very happy to answer them all for you.  And do not forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter where I regularly update my books and what I would recommend for you.

Love Hannah


Archangels storm : book by Nalini Singh

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I absolutely loved this book.

I read this book in about two weeks which is slow for me but I was busy.  Anyway this book follows on from the Guild Hunter series which if you haven’t read you need to.

I loved the story line between Princess Mahiya (trapped in Neha’s palace after years of being used as a toy and discarded from her fathers affair) and Jason who is a dark and dangerous angel who works for Raphael as one of his trusted 7.

This book has everything, crime, murder, love, secrecy and loyalty, but most of all these books are paranormal.

I could not put this book down from start to finish.

You see the pain both jason and Mayiha went through as children and why it has made them the quiet but unpredictable pair they become after a blood oath was made between them so that Neha could rely on Jason staying to solve the murder of her unfaithful partner.
The book also includes small sections of what is happening with Dmitri and his partner Honor from the last book Archangels blade.

I would rate this book 4 stars because it did take me a while to get into the book but once I was I wanted more.

The next book in the series I am reading now is called
Archangels Legion where Raphael and Elena are the main characters in the book again when the world is beginning to change.

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