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Tiny Urban Decay Haul/tester

Went to urban decay for some new makeup products for a wedding I’m attending next week, and from a previous visit where they gave me a little makeover I knew just what I wanted.   Both products are from the Naked Skin line which I have heard great reviews about.  I chose the lightest shades because at the moment my skin has not seen day light for months, so I’m looking like a ghost.  The concealer cost £17.50 and the powder cost £23

I tried these out the minute I got home, the concealer has a thick creamy consistency however feels very light under my eyes which is fantastic, it doesn’t crease, and blended beautifully when I used a brush to apply. I am using the concealer to actually conceal blemishes on my face rather than highlight ( I would have bought it a shade lighter for highlighting).  I then went ahead and applied my foundation and the rest of my makeup before applying the finishing powder, the powder was so soft and light weight against my skin, I felt my skin could breathe, and that my pores were not going to become clogged up.  The finishing powder did not cling or clump on my skin, it didn’t give much colour at all on top of my foundation which is what I wanted, and it did not mix with my foundation which I found some powders have done.

I wore these two for 6 hours and I have to admit my skin has never looked better, I didn’t look like I was wearing makeup, instead I had a natural complexion which was lovely.  None of my makeup moved, the powder did not come off in patches and my dark eyes stayed bright all evening.  

I haven’t used any high end products apart from Smashbox and I was not disappointed by Urban Decay, they have blown me away and I am now officially addicted to these two products, my skin has never looked better, definitely a range I would recommend to you all.  I’m going to try it out some more and tell you all more in detail.

Eyeshadow palette by W7 review 

Hey I wanted to review a new eyeshadow palette I bought from W7 via Amazon for just £6, named in the buff.  Now there is only about 3 matte shades the rest have sparkle to them, but not too much, and they are 100% powder, but they blend beautifully.

I have used this product for a couple weeks now and it’s lovely really, and is the same to most of the high brand products.  It’s a lovely natural palette which is fit for both day and evening looks, the good things about this palette is the shades will look beautiful on all skin tones, it’s super affordable and the shades can be built upon if you are looking to intensify your look.  And there is really no fall out which is amazing as I apply my eye shadow after doing my foundation.  My tip is the black eyeshadow is lovely to use as a liner.

The downsides are, the brush is not good at all and I really don’t use it, I think the packaging it a lot bulkier than it needed to be which makes it very large when taking it away on holidays.  But apart from that I don’t have many other down sides…. Perhaps you have tried this product and want to add how you feel about it below.

Many have said this eyeshadow palette is a dupe to the urban decay naked range…..