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Old makeup clear out.

Hello all my beauty lovers,  I am bringing back my makeup reviews, hauls and used products.  Tried and tested.
I always buy a mixture of high end and drug store, and now I feel I am getting used to the sort of formulas I like I feel I am more than ready to show you my tips, tricks and all time favourite products.

old makeup

Today I had a good look in my makeup drawer and thought, I do not use half of this makeup and it’s taking up so much room.   Today was the day to remove the makeup I have tried and disliked or just not used for a LONG time.

All the products in the picture above have probably been in my drawer for as long as 1-4 years (hides face in shame).  I know I know 4 years is a bloody long time to not use it all.

I am trying to teach myself to use eye shadow more and create some new eye looks.  This is a huge lesson for me, I am no way going to start looking like those beauty gurus on Youtube in a LONG time.  Hence why a lot of the above makeup is eye shadow palettes.

Products removed:

Smashbox palette with 30 eye shadows, 3 blush and 1 contour shade- lovely palette, amazing.  I just never used the bold colours and then never used the palette.  Have had this for 4 years.

Smashbox smokebox  6 shades- too dark for me. I used to use the black shadow a lot more for liner.

Estée Lauder blush palette- too dark for my complexion now.

W7 neutral eye palette- not used.

Urban decay setting powder-  too orange for me now.

Smashbox contour- too orange for my skin tone, but a fantastic contour shade that lasted me for EVER.

Benefit – double brow.  Just not easy for me to use, I am a beginner with drawing on brows.

Rimmel BB cream- did not like the formula

Maybelline velvet- Again did not like the formula and tried multiple times.

Milani blush-  not very pigmented so ended up not using it.

Mascaras- out of date

NYX matte lip- felt very dry and used to feel crusty on my lips EWWW.

Rimmel lasting 25 hour powder foundation- only bought on holiday as waterproof and had sun protection but again not easy to use.

Collection, concealer-  not my type of formula and just pulled at my skin.


Urban Decay all Nighter setting spray review 

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I have been extremely busy this week, it was my first week back at work after my holiday.  The holiday was amazing! But going back to work was a shock to the system again and I have wanted to do nothing but sleep all week.  However you can follow my life my following my social media accounts which I will have listed at the bottom for you all.

Today I am bringing you another makeup review, from Urban Decay Cosmetics.  The product today is the All nighter makeup setting spray- Long lasting up to 16 hours.

This product retails at £22 a bottle.  Each bottle contains 118 ml of pure greatness.
Urban Decay description:

Is makeup meltdown ruining your midnight mojo? Mist on this weightless spray to give your makeup serious staying power. All Nighter keeps your makeup looking gorgeously just-applied – without melting, cracking, fading or settling into fine lines.

Our groundbreaking, clinically tested formula is suitable for all skin types and features patented Temperature Control Technology. Yep, this baby actually lowers the temperature of your makeup to keep foundation, eyeshadow, blush and concealer in place – even in hot and humid or cold and windy conditions. The result? Smoother-looking skin and vibrant makeup that lasts.

All Nighter’s sleek, modern packaging hints at the high-tech formula inside. The white box features a gorgeous, sophisticated watercolour design in deep purple with coordinating type, and the soft-touch bottle has a colour-coordinated cap. Unlike similar products on the market, the sprayer delivers a micro-fine mist that goes on so light, you’ll hardly feel it – and once you’ve applied it, you won’t even know it’s there. If you’ve tried other setting sprays that feel sticky or tight on your skin, you’ll be AMAZED by how different this is.

I have been using this product for a couple months now, if you follow me you would have seen my previous haul which included this product.  My first thoughts on the packaging are, it’s very sleek, and simple, while catching the eye.  I always love Urban Decays logo, and being a lover of purple I was a sucker when it came to the packaging, oops.

The directions state that you only need about 3-4 sprays to help keep your makeup lasting all night/day, and you are to apply it across the face using a cross pattern.  I hold my hands up, I do not use this method, I just spray it in whatever way I feel like and I do use more than 4 pumps to cover my face, have to be greedy and with my job my makeup needs to withstand ANYTHING (#NurseProblems).  The pump does what is describes and ensures a fine mist is applied to your face, and I could hardly feel anything spraying onto my face which I liked.

Now with my job my makeup needs to last 7-12 hours a day.  I have been struggling lately with just using setting powders and found they clump my makeup in particular areas throughout the day.  I have used this spray over just foundation as well as over both foundation and powder.
My favourite result would be spraying the mist after just using foundation and concealer, because if I have used a setting powder and then used this spray I find the powder dissapears in certain areas on my skin, and becomes patchy, especially on my nose and under my eyes.  However this could be due to the powder I have used, on the other hand I have used 3 different setting powders and it still continues to happen.  Also when using a powder underneath I find my makeup won’t stay put for the whole shift, and will move in certain areas, particularly between my brows and my nose.

when I just applied foundation, concealer, and then applied the spray, I found a HUGE difference and fell in love.  I found my makeup stayed flawless all day, it did not slip or slide around my face.  I didn’t have areas where my makeup wore away, and I found the spray kept my face shine free.  It’s extremely light weight and made my skin feel soft.

I feel it could last 16 hours if I wasn’t at work and was out for a normal day.  But it did last a good 12 hour shift, which involves humidity and physical activity.  This to me is amazing, as this never happens.

I will be re purchasing this product for sure at the end of the month, I currently have a couple sprays left in the bottle.  It is well worth the money and it lasts for a long time.  To see results follow my Instagram and Twitter account.

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The top 3 eyeshadow palettes

Hello, and welcome back to my blog.  Instead of a review of makeup today I thought I would show you the top 3 eye shadow palettes trending everywhere at the moment.  I have included their prices, where you can purchase them and a few little close ups of what is included.

Gwen Stefani: £40 available on Urban Decay as a collaboration.
Urban Decay: Gwen Stefani

Jeffree Star cosmetics: Beauty Killer palette £33.97
Jeffree Star cosmetics

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Modern Renaissance palette £31.71
Anastasia Beverly Hills

Makeup HAUL 

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Well I went shopping Saturday with a friend and went a little crazy.  I went to Boots first which is a drug/pharmacy store to get my favourite foundation at the moment which is, Maybelline dream satin liquid.  Whilst there I saw the new Dream velvet foundation which has been trending on Instagram and on other blogs, so I thought I would buy that as Maybelline was having a deal where I could buy one product and get the other half price, totalling at £11.98.

I then needed some more concealer from urban Decay as I’m sure I’m about to run out of the naked skin concealer. Whilst there the sales girl said that they were having a deal that day where if I bought £50 worth of products I could get £10 off.  Well I was sucked in then and asked her which was best,  she suggested the primer potion which I have been keeping an eye on for a while now and thought I need to give it a go, as the reviews are amazing.  Then she suggested a setting spray, the spray I bought was the 16hour one and she said it is suitable for dry and oily skin,  bonus. So I ended up paying £59 in Urban Decay oops.

I’m thinking of doing a review for all individually for you all if you’re interested.

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Tiny Urban Decay Haul/tester

Went to urban decay for some new makeup products for a wedding I’m attending next week, and from a previous visit where they gave me a little makeover I knew just what I wanted.   Both products are from the Naked Skin line which I have heard great reviews about.  I chose the lightest shades because at the moment my skin has not seen day light for months, so I’m looking like a ghost.  The concealer cost £17.50 and the powder cost £23

I tried these out the minute I got home, the concealer has a thick creamy consistency however feels very light under my eyes which is fantastic, it doesn’t crease, and blended beautifully when I used a brush to apply. I am using the concealer to actually conceal blemishes on my face rather than highlight ( I would have bought it a shade lighter for highlighting).  I then went ahead and applied my foundation and the rest of my makeup before applying the finishing powder, the powder was so soft and light weight against my skin, I felt my skin could breathe, and that my pores were not going to become clogged up.  The finishing powder did not cling or clump on my skin, it didn’t give much colour at all on top of my foundation which is what I wanted, and it did not mix with my foundation which I found some powders have done.

I wore these two for 6 hours and I have to admit my skin has never looked better, I didn’t look like I was wearing makeup, instead I had a natural complexion which was lovely.  None of my makeup moved, the powder did not come off in patches and my dark eyes stayed bright all evening.  

I haven’t used any high end products apart from Smashbox and I was not disappointed by Urban Decay, they have blown me away and I am now officially addicted to these two products, my skin has never looked better, definitely a range I would recommend to you all.  I’m going to try it out some more and tell you all more in detail.

Busy busy AGAIN!!!

Hey everyone,

I know it has been a long time! I have been busy with university again as it is my final year as a student nurse. I have just completed one essay already and I am on placement for another 4 weeks.

I hope to post more on book reviews and a few beauty products I have or will be getting, sorry it is taking so long.

I am currently reading the last house of night book ☺️ for those of you who know the series. And a beauty product I may be reviewing in the future is the new YSL ink fusion foundation.

Today I took a little visit to the urban decay stall in house of Fraser and have now found a few little items I will be purchasing in the future which I have loved today. The girls there were so helpful and tested a lot of the products on me so I could get a good look at how the makeup suited me…. And I have to say I am in love!

For more small posts like this comment below, and I would also like to hear some of your suggestions on makeup or books. 😘 miss you all.

Hannah xxx